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For a quick lunch, I have got to give props to Heba’s Health Foods, a company (individual?) that has some really tasty pre-made vegan lunches available in Northern Virginia health food stores. I’m particularly fond of the Meat Free Veggie Chicken Orzo, which has orzo, non-GMO soy flour, green and red peppers, onions, garlic, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper, and tumeric in a small plastic container for $2.80. I’m a huge fan of orzo and the faux chicken has a nice consistency.

Heba’s doesn’t have a web site, but I called them up to ask a few questions. They offer about 25 different packaged meals including hummus, baba ganoush, and a few different pestos. Almost all of their offerings are vegan (apparently one or two items have dairy) and are available in Virginia, DC, and Maryland. She is looking to expand to the Carolinas as well. If you’d like to get in touch, Heba’s address is 7210 Nathan Ct / Manassas VA 20109. She can also be reached at 703-361-2958.

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  1. ryan cafferty

    i found the heba’s health foods extra cilantro/garlic hommos at the common market in frederick, md. i must say without reservation that this is the finest pre-prepared hommos i’ve ever had. kudos to heba’s for offering such a delicious hommos at a fair price!


  2. leslie kopchinski

    OMG, i know! the extra garlic and cilantro is SO GOOD! i wish they carried it in larger sizes, I am going to have to buy 2 next time. I buy it at MOM’s Columbia East, MD location. Lucky us!!

  3. Racquel

    Heba’s tzaziki is hands-down the freshest, most authentic tasting in the D.C. metro area … It’s like I’m back in Greece, Heba! Don’t ever stop — I buy your food in a little market near Grosvenor. Cheers!

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