First thoughts: BK Veggie

One more post today to make up for my silence: I tried the BK Veggie the other day and plan on reporting it to you shortly, but I’m waiting on a bit of information first. In the meantime, I encourage you to head over to and read the articles (and listen to the MP3) in the “Burger King: Support it or Lose It!” box on the right side of the page. As you can imagine, some of the hardline vegans are coming down on Erik for supporting the product, but I wholeheartedly endorse his opinions on this issue, seeing it as a great step towards educating the fast-food eating public about healthier alternatives that cause less animal suffering.

Fresh Fields sandwiches

I made a trip to Fresh Fields last night to pick up a few things while I was in the area (I don’t have one near my house) and needed to get dinner, so I decided to try one of their custom made sandwiches. Though it was a bit pricey, $4.99, it was mighty good and there were more than enough options for meat-eaters and vegetarians.

My sandwich consisted of spinach, cucumbers. roasted vegetables, tomato, and red onion on whole wheat bread with—and this is the best part—saffron-garlic mayo. Mmmm…

I wouldn’t mind seeing some faux-meats as an option and maybe a vegan version of the saffron-garlic mayo (perhaps adapting this recipe with the amounts cut way down for normal use—a gram of saffron can cost $80).

Jelly Bellys: vegetarian, but not vegan


I’m a fan of Jelly Belly jellybeans, especially the popcorn and toasted marshmallow flavors. One thing that’s concerned me, though is that a lot of jellybeans are made with gelatin, which is clearly not vegetarian. I had heard that Jelly Belly brand was safe, and didn’t see any gelatin listed on their label, but I decided to e-mail them just in case, to make sure.

The response, from Mr. Jelly Belly, was positive: there are no animal or animal-derived products (including gelatin) in Jelly Belly jellybeans, but vegans may want to avoid them because they are coated in a mixture that contains beeswax, to give the beans their glossiness.

That’s the final word for you.


Big up to Jes at FuckCorporateGroceries.Net for linking up to the Veg Blog over the past few weeks. I really enjoy her site and encourage you to check it out. As you can probably tell from her domain name, she’s shunning large, corporate grocery stores in favor of local, neighborhood stores… clearly, a worthwhile and admirable endeavor. She used to be vegan and has some vegan recipes as well a bunch of other, mostly vegetarian, recipes.