I’m happy to announce that I now have vegan-centric content appearing on Much of what will appear there will be similar to the Veg Blog, but I encourage you to check it out: Ryan’s Journal. I’m excited about this spin-off site… it offers some good opportunities and the audience is large and focused.

Don’t worry, though… things here at the Veg Blog are business as usual. :)

Veggie/Omnivore marriages


Mixed Marriages: When Only One of You is a Vegetarian

Though a lot of the ideas seem like common sense to me, this article is worth reading if you’re in a relationship where one person is an ardent meat-eater and the other is a vegetarian or vegan. I’ve been lucky in that respect, as my wife eats meat but has absolutely no problem eating the vegetarian meals I make at home. We almost never have meat in the house, and when we do, it’s usually leftovers from one of her meals at a restaurant. But I can imagine that other people aren’t as lucky… either the vegetarian is very aggressive in promoting their belief or the non-vegetarian feels like they’re being attacked by their significant other’s choice to abstain from animal products. I like the line that advises non-vegetarians to “recognize that if you eat vegetarian food you are not compromising any principle or belief, while your spouse would be doing so if she/he ate meat.”