Robbins vs. Cohen


Just because you’re a vegetarian doesn’t mean that you’re automatically aligned with every other vegetarian on the planet, and nothing makes that plainer than the current battle between VegSource and John Robbins and the “NotMilk guy” Robert Cohen.

While the whole article is interesting, this series of e-mails between Robbins and Cohen is particularly telling. Cohen took extreme offense when Robbins asked him to remove an article from his site and rather link to the original article on the Food Revolution web site. For some reason, this flipped Cohen out, thinking it was an agressive, self-serving ploy by Robbins. It seems to me that Mr. Cohen (whose site is, if I may say, painful on the eyes) overreacted big time. Linking to an original article simply ensures that readers who stumble across the link are always provided with the most up-to-date, corrected version rather than a “cached” version that may contain typos or inaccuracies that were later corrected.

This isn’t to take away from what Mr. Cohen’s done—he’s been a visible opponent of the dairy industry—but the tone in his letters to John Robbins is just plain childish.

So you have both sides of the story, here’s a link to Robert Cohen’s take on things.

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