Tofu… like animal fat!


A while back I bought some soft, silken tofu with the expectation of using it in a smoothie or a soup. This past weekend I was preparing a recipe that called for firm or extra firm tofu, so I reached in my fridge and grabbed the box, totally forgetting that it was of the soft, silken variety. Unfortunately, I cut it open before I realized my mistake. I cursed myself, put the tofu in a container with some water and substituted some three-grain tempeh in the recipe.

I made a small batch of soup the following night, so I was able to use some of the submerged tofu. But, by last night I began to worry about the tofu growing mold, so I forced myself to look online and find a simple recipe I could prepare that would use the rest of it up. I came across the oddly named Hefner Tofu.

So, with visions of the Playboy Mansion dancing in my head, I made the stir-fry with a few modifications based on ingredient availability. I used a few slices of an organic leek in place of the green onion and Shoyu as my soy sauce of choice. I also left out the MSG (which, though listed in the ingredients, isn’t listed in the poorly constructed instructions). Predicting a bland result from this dish, I added some garam masala, fine white pepper, and a couple other random spices.

It came out pretty well. It was mushy, but had a nice flavor to it. It probably would have tasted especially good over rice. Huyen tried it out and really liked it, saying that it had the consistency of animal fat. Of course, I don’t look at that as a good thing, but to each their own. :)

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