USDA relies on failing foreign inspections

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USDA Relies On Foreign Inspections, Meat Plants Abroad Fail Sanitation Checks

This high profile Washington Post article discusses recent problems with raw beef coming from Mexico and it’s levels of fecal contamination. “… the USDA increasingly relies on foreign governments—including ones that have repeatedly failed to get the job done.” The USDA insists that foreign meat is safe, perhaps safer, than domestic meat since it goes through two safety checks.

Based on a number of “slaughterhouse expose”-type books I’ve read over the past year, I highly doubt that the problem is limited to foreign meat. By all accounts I’ve read, the USDA has quite a difficult time even beginning to enforce many of the health and safety issues domestically with our food supply. So, perhaps, imported meat is “safer… than many domestic foods,” but I don’t think that’s something to brag about.

After reading this article, I also realized that the Post has been archiving a series of meat industry-related articles under “Modern Meat: A Brutal Harvest,” that should be of interest to those concerned with animal rights and food safety.

High school coach bites off sparrow’s head

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Board suspends coach for biting sparrow’s head off

Aron D. Bright, head wrestling coach at Avon High School in Indianapolis has been suspended for two weeks after biting off a live sparrow’s head in front of his wrestling team. Bright insists it was “innocent fun.” “Looking back, it was unprofessional,” Bright said, but “nobody was hurt.”

I guess the headless sparrow doesn’t count. (via Obscure Store)

LA Times on Raw Foodism

The LA Times ran an article on raw food Chef Lesa Carlson. While raw foodism as a diet and lifestyle seem somewhat restrictive to me, I must admit that I am mighty curious about how to make pizzas without cooking anything over 120 degrees. I would imagine that dehydrators and food processors get a lot of use in a raw food kitchen. In any event, it’s interesting to see the LA Times running such an article.

The Living and Raw Foods site has a large number of recipes ranging from Beta Bergers (which is heavy on the yams) to mock tuna to “Yummy Goop.”

An interesting fact: some raw foodists eat fish.