Nagging guilt

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I’ve been reading through the archives over at, which include a lot of opinion pieces based on the over-consumption and over-commercialization in our modern world. One sentence really stood out from all the others, though:

“Nothing wrecks the joy of consuming like nagging guilt.”

I encourage you to read the piece, which focuses on sweatshops and how we, as consumers, rarely think about where the products we consume or purchase come from. This very thing is one of the reasons that I became vegetarian.

The “nagging guilt” got to me.

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  1. johanna

    one of my friends carries a quote in her wallet about this v. topic–i don’t remember it exactly, but it reminds her that whatever she’s about to buy was likely made @ the expense of someone else, & it helps her pare down her consumption -quite- nicely.

    btw, you sent me some stickers a while ago & i wanted to report that i left some @ my gym (near the entrance, where they have newsletters & flyers) & they were gone the next day! i hope that doesn’t mean they got thrown out–but i’m hopeful. thanks again. ^_^

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