Vegetarian mayor


Interesting fact: John Street, mayor of Philadelphia, is a vegetarian. It’s surprising considering he’s mayor of a city known for its cheesesteaks.

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  1. Jason

    After Philadelphia was labeled America’s fattest city, Mayor Street, who used to be obese himself, started campaigning for a healthier populace. I think he even named someone the fitness czar in his administration. At one of these health promoting events he had an eggplant “cheesesteak.” BTW, Philadelphia is probably the only town around that has a pizza shop that sells vegan cheesesteaks. If you’re ever in Philly try the vegan cheesesteaks at Gianna’s Grille. Their homemade soy cheese is incredible–it’s melty!!

  2. Ryan

    I make my way into Philly a couple of times a year, so I’ll definitly keep that in mind. Thanks, Jason! (And, BTW, Temple Public Radio rules. Or it used to, when it was all jazz.)

  3. rabi

    philly also has the densest concentration of strict all-vegetarian restaurants (in chinatown) that I’ve ever seen, anywhere.

  4. Timbo

    Mayor Street is NOT a Vegetarian. He eats fish and has mentioned his favorite food is salmon. Ick!

  5. kristina

    gianna’s is NOT VEGAN. they’re just a bunch of liars.

  6. EG

    Gianna’s Grille never claimed to be vegan, but vegan friendly, a place where meat-eaters and vegans can eat together. All of the desserts are vegan, but there are both meat and vegan entrees and sides.

  7. Ryan

    I think what Kristina was referring to was some drama that came about when people found out that the supposedly vegan cheese they used for their veggie cheesesteaks had casein in it. Gianna’s immediately stopped using the cheese (as far as I know) and told their customers about it, explaining that they weren’t aware.

    However, as you can see above, there were some people who were seriously disgruntled.

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