Faux chorizo (chourico)


Hm… the recipe for Portuguese Chouriço and Kale Soup sounds mighty good. I wonder if it can be successfully de-meated. Obviously, either Unchicken broth or vegetable broth would be substituted for the chicken broth, but the main ingredient is where it gets a little tricky.

The soup’s main ingredient is chouriço, a smoked pork sausage seasoned with paprika, crushed pepper, garlic, and other spices. The trick would be trying to get the right levels of seasoning on a sausage substitute. I found a page about how to make your own chouriço, which might be helpful. I think I’ll start directly with a store-bought imitation sausage and attempt to marinate it in a similar way.

It should be an interesting experiment. The soup sounds like it would be nice and warm and spicy, a good combination for cold winter nights.

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  1. Jen

    We use TVP in our chili because it has that squishy feeling of ground beef. What about making a “broth” with the right spices and using it to cook some TVP?

    I honestly know nothing about chourico, so I may be way off-base… but the recipe calls for removing the casing, so I’m thinking TVP may be just the right texture if you can cook it in the right kind of spice-mix.

    Just an idea….

  2. CompassRose

    Go to Vegsource and check out the New Veggies board. Bryanna Clark Grogan, resident chef (and very excellent Canadian cookbook author!) has been doing a lot of experimenting with various ethnic sausage-a-likes.

    I’ve tried some of them, and they are very very good, and not difficult at all. If you know the seasonings, I’m sure you could adapt them to chourico – or Bryanna is also very helpful to anyone who posts on the board.

  3. Ann Caughran

    More Soy Cooking by Marie Oser has a similar soup, Kale and Potato Soup.

    It calls for 1 11.2 ounce package of Lean Links Italian soy sausage. El Burrito Mexican foods also makes Soyrizo a vegetarian chorizo which might work well!

  4. SouthEasternMassUS

    Portuguese Chourico/linguica sausage texture is not that of ground beef, it’s not even that of italian sausages really hm.. Your best bet would be some sort of plain italian soy sausage ([email protected]), and then season as well as you can to resemble. It *is* very ethnic and the flavor pretty much comes from preparing the meat from the get-go, rather than seasoning later.

    has been doing a lot of experimenting with various ethnic sausage-a-likes.

    Might be worth checking out.

  5. donald

    I am looking for the secrect on how to make portguese sausage.

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