JeanNINE’s take on vegetarianism


After reading a comment from Veg Blog reader JeanNINE, I clicked through to her weight loss blog, which led me to her personal site. It’s a good read, but especially worth checking out is her decision to become vegetarian. It reminds me a lot of myself: I had considered vegetarianism off-and-on since I was young, but never gave it a shot until I was 25. It inspired me to compile a short essay on why and how I became vegetarian. At the end, I’d also like you to submit your story for a future feature on the site.

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  1. JeanNINE

    Wow, what a nice surprise…so glad that you enjoyed my article! I’m still “in-transition,” but it’s happening slow and sure. And sites like your blog, veg source and vegpledge are SOOO helpful in this journey! I cannot thank you enough for your insightful blogs. :-)

  2. JeanNINE

    PS – And I love your essay too! Lately, I’ve been studying the way that the people in the Mediterranean (?sp) eat and they are mostly vegetarian. I find it interesting that they don’t really drink milk either. They eat cheese and yogurt – but not milk…hmmm…

    I really love your idea of eating 10 vegetarian days a month, back when you were making the switch. Wonderful suggestion for people like me who are in transition. Right now, I’m trying to eat vegetarian 75% of my total food intake and I too, am marking it on a calendar. Glad to see that what worked for you back then is very similar to what I’m doing now!

    I’m looking forward to reading other people’s stories here as well!

  3. Robert

    Wow, you’re on an essay jag here, Ryan!!!

    Somehow, I cannot picture a younger you eating two Big Macs for dinner. Hell, I can’t picture myself doing that, and I’m a certified glutton!

  4. Ryan

    JeanNINE — sure thing… one of the main reasons I started this site was to share my experiences of transition after 25 years of eating meat on a regular basis. I’m not a special case by any stretch, but I think there are a lot of “average” people out there that are thinking more in “vegetarian terms” than every before.

    Robert — Yeah… the high school me was a LOT different than the current me. I ate at McDonald’s (nowadays, the only thing I’ll do at McDonald’s is stop and use the bathroom if I’m on the road), never cooked, and enjoyed the homogenization of eateries. These days, I find myself despising anything that resembles a large corporation, eat no meat, and cook almost daily!

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