New feature: Farm Sancturary


Today I posted a new feature article about my volunteer time at the Farm Sanctuary. Pictures are included.

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  1. jen

    Thanks for sharing this great information with us!!

  2. JeanNINE

    Oh WOW…I have tears in my eyes after reading your article!

    When I learned about Farm Sanctuary, I told myself that one day, I’d help volunteer with them. My husband and I hope to relocate to California in the very near future and I hope to spend some time at the California location. It’s SOOO wonderful to read an account of what it’s like to volunteer there – if even only for a day.

    I was so thrilled when I got a picture of my adopted turkey in the mail from them this year…I can only imagine how amazing it would be to interact with the animals.

    Thank you for writing this!


    My pet turkey has hurt her leg. She’s just sitting. When I put her in last night she had to flap her wings to keep herself upright and rest alot. The nearest exotic animal vet is 40 miles away. I have some antibiotics I could give her.

    Any suggestions?

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