Leek and brown rice

Last night’s new recipe was a leek and brown rice dish from Greek Vegetarian Cooking by Alkmini Chaitow. I have to say that while the end result tasted decent, the recipe was a bit confusing. When it said to “cover ingredients with water, just barely,” I took it to mean that the water level should be just above all the ingredients. Turns out that this isn’t the case, as the water never came anywhere close to evaporating completely. The dish was a little mushy as a result.

This recipe for Leek and Rice Pilaf looks similar to the one I made, but is more specific. The book’s recipe also had two pounds of canned tomatoes and one large onion, chopped as well as 1/4 cup of olive oil (versus 1 tablesoon).

I’ve been looking for some nice, quick ethnic dishes as of late and I think this might be a good “go to” dish once I perfect it.

Nagging guilt

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I’ve been reading through the archives over at Droningon.com, which include a lot of opinion pieces based on the over-consumption and over-commercialization in our modern world. One sentence really stood out from all the others, though:

“Nothing wrecks the joy of consuming like nagging guilt.”

I encourage you to read the piece, which focuses on sweatshops and how we, as consumers, rarely think about where the products we consume or purchase come from. This very thing is one of the reasons that I became vegetarian.

The “nagging guilt” got to me.

Off-the-cuff cooking


Last night was one of those “it’s getting late, let’s make something quick for dinner” nights, so I sauteed some leeks and carrots in olive oil and dry white wine and sprinkled them with nutmeg (nod goes to Nava Atlas for this) and put it on top of some pasta (butterfly pasta and ziti). I also poured an off-the-cuff sauce on the pasta made up of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, basil, oregano, sea salt, and a dash of sugar. I topped things off with a little bit of shredded Veganrella. The end result was surprisingly flavorful (but not overwhelming) and the whole process (preparation and cooking) took less than 25 minutes.

Vegetarian mayor


Interesting fact: John Street, mayor of Philadelphia, is a vegetarian. It’s surprising considering he’s mayor of a city known for its cheesesteaks.

Stickers are on the way

If you’re one of the folks I owe stickers to, don’t worry—I have your information saved and the stickers will be going out shortly. :)