Veg Blog typo

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I just wanted to clear up a nasty typo I found on the Veg Blog’s November 29th entry… it previously read: “While I’ve been a definite supported of GMO foods” when it really should have said: “While I’ve been a definite supporter of labeling GMO foods.” Not only did I have a typo, I left an entire word out that changed the meaning. I just wanted to point out this correction because I am definitely not a “supported of GMO foods.” :)

Miso hungry

Last night I tried miso for the first time in the Miso Vegetable Hot Pot from Lorna Sass’ Short-Cut Vegetarian. Miso’s an interesting beast: though its pasty consistency isn’t terribly appealing (it dissolves into soup broth) and it smells kind of funny, it’s actually a pretty tasty way to add a little salty flavor to your soup (it is relatively high in sodium, so those on sodium restricted diets might want to avoid it). It’s made from fermented soybeans, so it has similar health benefits to other soy products. According to the International Vegetarian Union, though, some Japanese brands of miso contain fish stock.

My version of the above recipe was actually pretty different. Instead of dark miso I used a sweet white miso, instead of tofu, I used long-grain rice tempeh, instead of bok choy I used organic spinach, I left out the baby corn, and I added carrots and celery. And since I didn’t have enough in the way of scallions, I used 1/4 cup scallions and a 1/4 cup of regular yellow onion, chopped. The end result was pretty similar to the original, I’d imagine. The broth was nice and tasty and the almost-raw veggies added some nice crunch. Not bad. Huyen went back for seconds, so that’s a good sign. :)



They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day since it’s usually the most nutrient-dense, so I’ve been trying to make mine as good as possible. There are three ways I’ll go for breakfast, depending on my time and my mood:

  1. Health Valley Cranberry Crunch cereal (which even got a good review by the discerning folks at The Empty Bowl) with Original Edensoy Extra. It’s an incredibly tasty cereal that’s also mighty healthy, and it works very well with soymilk.
  2. A bagel, half with Tofutti Herb and Chive Better Than Cream Cheese and half with Spectrum Naturals’ Essential Omega Spread. For that one-two punch of soy and flax, this is a nice, quick way to have a filling breakfast on the drive into work.
  3. Health Valley cobbler bar. Both their strawberry and blueberry are mighty tasty, and quite healthy. There’s no saturated fat, 100% of your daily Vitamin E, and 10% of a number of other nutrients (including B-12). It even has 50% of your daily Selenium (a trace mineral that helps the absorption of Vitamin E in the body—the two make a good antioxidant team). Note, though, that these bars are not vegan (they have whey and nonfat dry milk.

I haven’t grown tired of any of these three options yet, and it’s nice to know I’m not shoveling unnecessary amounts of sugar in my mouth first thing in the morning.