Fiji ginger


One of the stranger things that I purchased at the co-op in Ithaca was Fiji Ginger. Imagine if you will: pieces of ginger covered in chocolate. Each piece is the size of a Raisinette and even the most hearty of ginger lovers (as opposed Mary Anne lovers?) could only eat a few. I’m telling you: these things are strong.

If you’re interested in trying a bizarre snack foods and can stomach a little ginger, give these a shot. They’re… interesting.

5 Responses to “Fiji ginger”

  1. jen

    Is the ginger inside crystallized? dried? fresh? I am a huge fan of ginger, but I can’t quite picture it covered in chocolate.

  2. jen

    Oh… and Happy New Year, Ryan!

  3. JeanNINE

    Ginger is so good for digestion too…I can imagine it with chocolate! Sounds goooood.

  4. Ryan

    Jen — it was candied ginger (ginger with cane sugar).

  5. Jen

    I still can’t imagine it, but I’d certainly give it a try if I ran across it!

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