Christmas Tofurky


We spent Christmas at my parents’ house in New Jersey and they hosted a 13-person Christmas night dinner. Being sensitive to my vegetarian diet, my mom ordered a Tofurky Feast for me. At Thanksgiving, I had had the main part (the roast and stuffing) and enjoyed it, but this time I got to try out the tempeh drumsticks and the Tofurky Jurky wishsticks. The appearance of the drumsticks was mildly amusing, but I was surprised at their taste. It had a much grainier texture to it than most tempeh that I’ve had. It was spiced nicely and wasn’t a bad compliment to the Tofurky roast.

I was especially surprised by the Tofurky Jurky. Though the sticks weren’t the traditional shape of beef jerky, their flavor and saltiness seemed pretty close to what I remember beef jerky tasting like. Good stuff.

My main complaint with Tofurky remains, though: the appearance. The “skin” looks more like my Tofurky is wearing a skully. Taste is more important to me, but unfortunately, having a Tofurky means enduring insults and rude comments about its appearance by other guests. When you think about it, though, I guess it’s a more pleasant sight than a dead turkey…

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