A trip to Ithaca


As you may have noticed, I’ve been away from the Veg Blog for a bit. My wife and I took our delayed honeymoon last week and then spent some time with family over the holidays. During our our honeymoon to New York (Geneva, Ithaca, Watkins Glen), we did a number of decidedly “vegetarian things,” thanks to my wife’s willingness to indulge me. :) Over the next few days, I’ll be commenting on various experiences and places in short entries along with one new feature article. I decided that would be a better move than recapping everything in a single post.

I guess I’ll start by mentioning that I met up with Erik Marcus, host of the excellent Vegan.com and Food Headlines. He also authored Vegan: The New Ethics of Eating. We were originally scheduled to meet at the Harvest Deli in Ithaca Commons, but due to a mistake on my part, I showed up a day late (oops). However, we met a few days later for a Sunday brunch at the ABC Cafe.

Erik is an impressive guy. His dedication to the vegan community is clear, but he also sees the rest of the world with a realistic point of view. He realizes that sometimes you have to make a small sacrifice to your own beliefs in order to help advance them further (something I hope to get him to expand on in a planned interview in the near future).

Erik is at work on a new book that sounds like it will be a fascinating read, even for those that have been long-time vegans and read everything there is to read. If it’s half as good as Vegan…, it’ll certainly be essential.

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  1. Ann Caughran

    glad you’re back!

    sounds like you had an interesting honeymoon! looking forward to the next issues of veg blog!

  2. JeanNINE

    Happy New Year! I missed my “daily read” of you, but so glad to hear that you had a lovely time! :-)

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