John Robbins v.s. Anti-Soyers


John Robbins takes on the anti-soy brigade. (via VegSource)

3 Responses to “John Robbins v.s. Anti-Soyers”

  1. jen

    What a great article! Thanks so much.

    (BTW, my favorite quote from the anti-soy folks was: “The truth is that cholesterol is your best friend… When cholesterol levels in the blood are high, it’s because the body needs cholesterol… There is no greater risk of heart disease at cholesterol levels of 300 than at 180.” Okie, dokie.)

  2. Ryan

    Yeah… and with very little scientific evidence to back their claims, too.

  3. JeanNINE

    wow…i’m glad to have read this now (i’m not a complete vegetarian yet, but shifting to it)…thank you for the information!

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