Britney: Naked for PeTA?


Page Six is reporting that Britney Spears may bare it all for PETA in an anti-fur campaign and may model for PETA’s The only reason this is the least bit interesting is that just a few months ago, PETA was criticizing the singer for wanting to use four live cheetahs at her MTV Video Music Awards performance. While this turned out to be partially false, she did perform with a tiger and a snake.

2 Responses to “Britney: Naked for PeTA?”

  1. dalthon

    obviously peta is not Caveman or Primitive man. So if you want I am Primitive man I eat meat fus are not in me unles I live in cold weather in Alaska nothern Canada. Animals are in production or in conservation which means they are safe. Animals have lives not as we do which have a food chain as we do.So animal eat or are eaten everywhere all the time or we have sick animals. Furbearing animals whose habit is significatly smaller and getting smaller. Have been grown on farms for years? And will be no matter what because of demand. But we have found articifial is somewhat cheaper or lighter or easier to buy so we dont use fur as we once did so if you pay PETA then you Should pay Salvation ARMY or Red Cross or MDA or MS or Aids charaties beacuse they deserve your money not PETA!

  2. Ryan

    Hooray for poor reasoning!

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