KFC’s “vegetable twister” not vegetarian


If you thought that KFC’s “Vegetable Twister” was vegetarian-safe, you’d be wrong.

I think the majority of vegetarians understand that the standard fast food places are not their friends. Or at least I hope they understand…

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  1. Paul

    Stuff like this bugs me. While I don’t fully expect that a product called Vegetable Twister will be vegetarian, it’s kind of implied, isn’t it? When you buy a bag of frozen corn at the grocery store, you don’t expect it to contain bits of bacon, do you?

    Good for the UK on calling KFC’s mild bluff on this.

  2. Ryan

    Vegetarians going to a place called Kentucky Fried CHICKEN shouldn’t necessarily expect to be catered to, but with products like the “Vegetable Twister,” it’s just due diligence for KFC to take some simple step to prevent any criticism.

  3. Paul

    Ah, true. If I go to a steakhouse, I’ll end up ordering a salad and potato. (oops). Maybe KFC should rename the Twister instead of yanking it. The “Deep Fried In Chicken Grease and Oil Vegetable Twister” has a nice ring to it!

  4. jen

    It would be nice if they would offer *something* vegetarian aside from their icky iceberg lettuce “salads”. (Oooh, but Wendy’s has their yummy baked potato. I nearly forgot.) The fact of the matter is that most of my friends are not vegetarian and are recent college grads with little money. My husband and I feel guilty dragging them to more expensive restaurants just so we can have food, too, but there’s really no option.

    What did you think of today’s news about the vegan burger that Burger King is considering? The article I read said that they are also redesigning their kitchens – hopefully so that they can grill the vegan burger seperately. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  5. Paul

    Jen, that sounds really cool. I feel the same pinch with my friends; a few of us go out for dinner every Wednesday night and they will eat meat… so it’s always a concern. We almost went to a steakhouse last week which would have a salad and baked potato – possibly – for me. Wow.

    There’s a McDonald’s here in Chicago that advertises a McVeggie Burger, but given that I don’t support McD’s as a corporation, I won’t be trying it anytime soon.

  6. jen

    Paul, I agree. I’m pretty sure that McDs figures out ways to put meat in everything – specifically to spite vegetarians. (My husband and I were joking last night about filet-o-fish sundaes – topped with tartar sauce. I think we were a little giddy from lack of sleep and may have gone off the deep end.)

    There is a local vegetarian club, here, that goes to dinner once a month. They even go to traditionally non-vegetarian restaurants in the area to show them that there is a market for a variety of vegan dishes. Apparently many of these restaurants (locally-owned ones, of course) have been very gracious and willing to work out a menu. We’ve been meaning to get to some of these dinners, but I was working 2nd shift. We’ll probably get to the one in January.

  7. jessica

    i am just starting on becoming a vegetarian, and my fiance eats out alot, is there any tasteful fast food or restruants that have “safe” foods?

  8. Ryan

    Hi Jessica —

    I’d recommend checking out the VRG’s Guide to Fast Food, a 32-page booklet that costs only $4 (which includes shipping): http://www.vrg.org/catalog/ff.htm

    You may also want to check this link: http://www.vegetarian-restaurants.net/OtherInfo/FastFoodRest.htm

    The main rule to remember: just don’t eat the fries. :) Even Burger King’s fries that were once safe are now flavored with chicken flavoring.

  9. Tasha

    I got told that KFC used to do a Quorn option AGES ago – is this true ? i imagine if it is they took it off the menu because it wasnt too popular but could have been another reason.

  10. jess!

    Haha! Do your hip!

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