A couple of sites

A couple of sites worth checking out: Vegan for Life, a thorough starting point for vegan information and Vegan Porn, “News and Information for Vegans Who Get It.” Think of the latter as Slashdot for Vegans, if you will.

Potato-Leek Vinaigrette with red bell peppers


Last night’s successful new recipe came from Sundays at Moosewood in their “New England” section. It was Potato-Leek Vinaigrette with red bell peppers. And wow, was it good. It was listed as a main dish and worked well as such, but I can picture it as the perfect side dish to a hearty stew, too.

It starts with leeks sliced and boiled for five minutes combined with cubed potatoes (I used white potatoes, a variety I hadn’t tried before that are supposed to be good for boiling, similar to red potatoes) and a sliced red bell pepper. I used extra virgin olive oil instead of standard vegetable oil for the vinaigrette dressing (making it tastier and healthier), which also called for fresh dill (I used dried), vinegar (I used standard white), garlic, salt, and pepper. Preparation and cooking were easy, just remember to leave time for the dish to chill before serving.

The recipe is (obviously) vegan and was quite satisfying. I’m already thinking about leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

16,000 Chickens Ordered Destroyed

16,000 Chickens Ordered Destroyed

The Avian Influenza Virus, a highly contagious disease commonly found in ocean birds and migratory waterfowl (more), was found in chickens at a Connecticut farm last month and has subsequently resulted in the order for destruction of 16,000 of those chickens.

The farm where the virus was found is one that raises “broilers,” chickens raised strictly for meat that are slaughtered after a mere 6-7 weeks (more info). Apparently “the disease does not pose a threat to human health,” but according to this article by the Queensland government, “an outbreak of influenza in humans was associated with an avian source in Hong Kong” in late 1997/early 1998. In addition, AIV could be absolutely devestating to the bird population if it spreads.

Sticker news

Apparently, the stickers are doing some good! I got an e-mail from someone who saw the sticker on someone’s bumper in Northern Virginia (presumably mine) and wants a stack of stickers to hand out to her friends and family in the Portland area. A few other requests have trickled in, including Sarah, who works at a co-op.

Everyone that’s requested stickers will get them by next week (hopefully) and for those of you that haven’t, it’s not too late. And remember, if you send snapshots of the stickers at a location near you, I’ll include them on the site.

Amy’s shepherd’s pie

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I don’t report often on frozen vegetarian dinners here, so I should probably mention that I tried Amy’s Kitchen organic, vegan shepherd’s pie. All of Amy’s products are meatless, eggless, and use organically grown products. This particular pie was also dairy free and wheat free (for those with allergies).

Huyen tried it a few nights earlier, microwaved, and really didn’t have too much to say about it. I gave it a shot last night, baked in the oven. Cooking for the specified amount of time wasn’t quite enough for our oven, but the pie still came out tasting nice and full and hearty. Especially nice: next to no fat, something you don’t often find in a dish as thick as this. This was, believe it or not, my first experience with Amy’s, and it was a good one. The Amy’s line is healthy, tasty, and offers a different fare than vegetarians or vegans usually expect from their frozen food selection.