Essential Omega Spread


On a whim I decided to try Spectrum Naturals’ Essential Omega Spread and was surprised to find that it’s an excellent butter/margarine substitute. It’s excellent on toast or bagels and has the benefit of supplying Omega-3’s in the form of organic flax oil while avoiding the cholesterol associated with butter and the trans-fatty acids accociated with margarine. It’s a vegan product, getting its butter flavor from soy, and really is worth checking out.

Turtle Mountain’s blah Big Buddies


As much as I love Turtle Mountain‘s Soy Delicious ice cream, I have to give the thumbs down to their Big Buddy oversized ice cream sandwich. While the ice cream is fine, the chocolate wafers are incredibly dry, which ruins the whole experience. After all, what fun is an ice cream sandwich if you’re not licking the chocolate off of your fingers afterwards? I’ll stick with Tofutti Cuties.

Fresh herb to dried herb ration


I love using fresh herbs when I cook, but a lot of times I won’t want to buy it by the bundle like the sell at the supermarket. Unless you grow the herbs yourself, they go bad pretty quickly. Like most people, though, I have an ample selection of dried herbs at my disposal. A week or two ago, I search around the web a bit to see if I could find out if there was a good “fresh herb to dried herb” ratio that I could use. I found some slightly varying information, but the general consensus seems to be this: for every tablespoon of a fresh herb, you can substitute a teaspoon of the same dried herb. Put another way, the dried version of an herb is equal to 1/3rd of its fresh counterpart.

Now you know.