NPR has a pair of great stories on biotech (the kind, PR-like term for “genetically modified foods”): Biotech Food Industry Filled with Promises, Pitfalls: Despite Benefits, Biotech Crops Remain Steeped in Controversy and Biotech Genes Found in Wild Maize in Mexico.

While I’ve been a definite supporter of labeling GMO foods (something that the biotech industry has lobbied strongly against), I feel even more strongly after having read the section on biotech in John Robbins’ The Food Revolution. Monsanto has an unbelievable amount of power, but I honestly believe that they are doing very little good for the world. Every move they make seems to be a PR move to convince the world that biotech is the way to go, when really all it’s doing is lining their own pockets. Roundup Ready crops: spray ’em all you want with herbicides to kill weeds and the crops won’t die! Oh, but wait… it only works with Monsanto’s herbicides. So… “We’ll sell you crops that can withstand our herbicide. Buy our herbicide, and lots of it!” Ugh. Corporate self-interest posing as public service… nothing makes me more sick to my stomach.

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