A vegetarian Thanksgiving


This year, my wife and I celebrated our first Thanksgiving together as a married couple. And though we’ve been living together for a number of years, this was the first time we hosted a family Thanksgiving dinner. The house was crowded, but smells of good food filled the air.

Out of the 12, though, I was the only vegetarian, so while everyone else chomped on turkey, I enjoyed my first Tofurky. Yes, the occasional jabs at having a “fake” turkey and the “ewww… that looks disgusting” comments were a bit annoying, but I was happy. The Tofurky was easy enough to cook, about an hour in the oven, basted in an orange juice/soy sauce/brown sugar combo and wrapped in foil with some chopped carrots and potatoes. The end result tasted pretty darn good. The consistency was pretty close to turkey and the stuffing was an added bonus. I still can’t speak highly enough about their gravy: it’s just oustanding. Every person I had try the gravy responded the same way, with a surprised look and a “Wow, that’s good!”

Perhaps the best comment came when my brother-in-law, who is 15, but more open minded than most his age, tried my Tofurky leftovers the day after Thanksgiving. “I’m disappointed,” he said. “I thought I was going to be able to make fun of this, but it’s actually pretty good.”

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  1. shel

    I had a tofu turkey as well! However I had a hard time baking mine as it was my first time and first time having it and it was delicious!!

  2. jen

    I’ve been waiting for this entry. The clerk at our health food store told us he loved his tofurkey, too. (I was buying tofurkey jerkey and he mentioned that it came with his meal and it was really good.) I’m thinking about trying one, now, since I’ve gotten two good reviews.

  3. JeanNINE

    This is so encouraging to read…I have taken the “Vedge-Pledge”…my motto for 2002 is “meat-free in 2002.” I’m already planning next year’s Thanksgiving! My husband and I are both committed to a meat-free Thanksgiving next year. This year, I DID have some turkey, but I didn’t even like it…I’m truly SICK of meat. I was most concerned about other family members feeling weird about us eating no meat on TG, but I’m not going to let it bother me. It’s good to know that truly tasty stuff is out there for us too!

  4. Ryan

    Don’t worry about other family members feeling weird — if you take care of yourself and cook up your own dinner (which is easy enough), they won’t feel put out. And if they do, too bad. ;)

  5. Jason Ronallo

    Though I’ve been veg*n for some time now I had my first Tofurky this year. I usually don’t go in for the fake meat thing but this stuff is really good! It tasted to me something like the old day after TG sandwich with gravy poured on top to soak the bread.

    I baked mine the slow cook method and used shoyu sauce (fancy soy sauce) and turbinado sugar and wrapped it up in foil. I basted it quite often and it ended up with a really nice “skin”, especially on the bottom. I’ve bugged my fave natural food store to get more in stock.

    BTW, to round out your holiday meals give Silk Nog a try with dessert. Yummy!!

  6. vegicat

    We love Tofurkey. I buy it single because I like my own stuffing and gravy better. The key is to marinate it overnight first, then cook it sealed tight- only open to rebaste, then broil at the end so carmelize the sugars. I baste with Dr Braggs, liquid smoke, french onion soup, tomato sauce, pineapple juice, molasses, you name it… lots of herbs. This year I think I’m going to top it with pineapple slices studded with cloves and cherries and marinated with molasses and brown sugar and see if I get an “UnHam”… we get a kick out of my husband “carving” the Tofurkey. We eat it all year round.

  7. lousarah

    I’ve been a vegetarian for many years, however, in the past six years I’ve been a vegan and I’m 25. I’ve never missed out on Thanksgiving or Christmas as far as the food goes. My family live in the Mid-West (I live in Arizona) and they have always had a huge deal – two huge turkeys, turkey gravy, the whole enchiladea and I’ve always been happy with my tofurky. This year though, I’ve discovered a new tofu-based ‘turkey’ it’s called UnTurkey and was really good. My husband who is 50 has been a vegan for nearly 20 years enjoyed the UnTurkey a bit better than the Tofurkey, plus there was more to it and at the same price. I picked mine up at AJ’s Fine Foods…

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