Fish good for depression, but…


Depressed? Eat Some Sushi, Scientists Say

“Everyone could benefit from increasing their
intake of Omega-3 fatty acids.” Of course, they fail to mention that Omega-3’s are also easily found in flax seed and flax seed oil as well as walnuts and pumpkin seeds. And with nuts and seeds you won’t have to worry about the high levels of contamination in factory farmed fish or the high levels of mercury.

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  1. Jen

    We just bought a little grinder at our specialty kitchen shop to grind up our flax seeds. (Seems they are not much good if you eat them whole. They don’t digest well.) It’s a really neat little grinder – it has detatchable glass jars for storing different spices / herbs / seets. I’m pretty sure it’s by OXO, but I can’t seem to find it on the web anywhere.

  2. yoli

    How many flax seeds do you need to help with depression? Please post here, thank you.

  3. Kate

    I have been taking pumpkin seed oil instead of 5HTP for the past month. It seems to have a much calmer influence over me and I feel so much more relaxed at work. I still wake up in the night but I’m not anxious or worrying about things.

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