Preparing for Thanksgiving


I picked up my special-ordered Tofurky roast from Healthy by Nature. Unfortuantely, I wasn’t very specific when ordering and only got the roast rather than the whole Vegetarian Feast (with drumsticks and Tofurky Jerky wishbones). Healthy by Nature, as I’ve mentioned before, is my favorite health food store in the area. Others I’ve been to have placed special orders and never gotten them in. HbN has a number of friendly employees and is always well-stocked with vegetarian/vegan items as well as organic fruits and vegetables. Plus they’re the only place in the area that carries the mint Tofutti Cuties. :)

It should be an interesting Thanksgiving: this will be our first family Thanksgiving that we’re hosting. I’m the only vegetarian in the bunch, though, so there will still be a turkey on our table, unfortunately.

I also picked up some gravy as well, which I tried last year and really enjoyed.

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  1. Bobbi Elliott

    Dear Ryan, I just pulled up your site to check it out. You can imagine how I felt when I saw that you had critized our service. I went back and looked at your special order and it was ordered exactly the way you requested. You didn’t have to take it if it wasn’t what you wanted and we would have had plenty of time to get you a Feast. I’m very sorry for the mix up and would appreciate you changing the comment on your site. No business can afford any bad publicity, besides anyone who shops with us know that we go out of our way to make everyone happy. I checked over your site and think you are doing a great service to all the vegetarians and vegans out there and would like to help you any way we can. Bobbi Elliott

  2. Ryan

    I’ve contacted Bobbi via e-mail and wanted to note here that I have changed the original text of my blog entry. I didn’t mean to come across as critical of Healthy by Nature — just the opposite actually… I wanted to give them a plug for having special ordered the Tofurky for me. It was my own mistake for not having properly specified what I was looking for and I didn’t mean to imply that the store had somehow messed up.

    Just wanted to clear that misunderstanding up — HbN truly is a great store and I always feel much better knowing that I’ve spent some of my money there to support a positive local business rather than a huge food store chain.

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