Regina’s Vegetarian Table


I was happy to realize this weekend that Regina’s Vegetarian Table is back on PBS on Sundays. It’s the only vegetarian cooking show on television, as far as I know, and after watching an episode, I’m always inspired to head to the kitchen and try something new.

Question: how come the Food Network doesn’t have a strictly vegetarian cooking show? Let’s get awful shows like Emeril to lower rotation and bring in a good vegetarian show for the millions of vegetarians in this country alone.

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  1. Jen

    I know I’ve seen a vegetarian cooking show with Mollie Katzen on PBX… but I think it was special during pledge drive. Either that, or it wasn’t very popular. I got a good curry recipe from her.

    I don’t have cable, but I agree that there should be more shows for non-meat eaters.

  2. Robert

    Write to Alton Brown and see if he’ll do a tofu show.

  3. james

    There is a vegetarian cooking show produced in Maine called DeliciousTV. It is going to be available on PBS nationwide soon. Check it out. They have a website too.

  4. Ryan

    That’s good to hear, especially now that Regina’s is officially done (though her site is still up, thankfully, so the recipes are still accessible).

    Now, if we could just get The Post Punk Kitchen to air on PBS…

  5. james avtges

    I went to the Delicioustv website. If you follow the prompts which are easy enough, to get to PBS and request the show in your area they’ll put it on. We all really should do this spread the word, lets get some representation for vegetarian’s on TV! The show is completely veg and very vegan friendly.

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