Tofu in Simmered Leeks and Tomatoes, and some brownies


A definite thumbs up for “Tofu in Simmered Leeks and Tomatoes” from Vegetariana. I served it over organic whole wheat spaghetti and the result was a bright tasting dish seemingly made for autumn nights.

I just finished baking some almost-just-about-vegan brownies from Vegan Vittles (the first recipe I’ve tried since I got the book several weeks ago). It looks good, smells good, and tastes pretty darn fine, too. Nice and rich and only a tad dry.

Oh, why is it “almost-just-about” vegan? Because I used regular white sugar rather than unbleached cane sugar or organic sugar. Regular white sugar may or may not be run through animal bone char during processing.

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  1. Katherine

    What is the purpose of running sugar through animal bones? That sounds downright disgusting.

  2. Ryan

    I was a tad incorrect in that statement. What I should have said is that some refined sugar has been refined with charcoal made from animal bones. Here’s an interesting take on it:

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