Vegan marshmallows


Though the only companies that manufactured vegan marshmallows have stopped doing so, VegSource now has a relatively easy recipe.

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  1. Caroline

    Apparently, Smuckers’ “marshmallow” ice cream topping/fluff is vegan, too, if you’re not counting the refined sugar factor.

  2. Ryan

    Here’s the page for it:

    I wrote to Smuckers to confirm that it’s vegan. I’ll report back when I hear.

    It wouldn’t be so good for roasting over an open fire, but… :)

  3. Jen

    Mmmmm… Marshmallowy goodness!

    Thanks for the recipe. I was at the Pangea store in September (it’s tiny in there!), and they only had the Vegan Sweets Fruit Jel. I should order some of the unsweetened. I’ve been wanting to make marshmallows for a very long time. Thanks!

  4. Ryan

    I’ve been meaning to Pangea, but haven’t had a chance yet… it’s not that far from where I am and I pass by the general area on occasion.

  5. Jen

    I, personally, think that the Pangea web site and catalog are more impressive than the store itself. The employees were incredibly nice –even though we descended upon them in a giant herd. I was there on a bus trip. We also ate at the Vegetable Garden. Have you been there? Mmmmmm!

  6. Meghan

    I found this entry whilst searching google for “vegan marshmellow”. I hadn’t seen the recipe you linked to before, but will print it out to keep in case I need an alternate. For now I’m sticking to the one that doesn’t use corn syrup (the 3rd one):

    Re: Caroline and Ryan. The link is now defunct, and I can’t find a marshmellow topping anywhere on Smucker’s site.

    Has anyone ever made marshmellows with flavored Kojel? I don’t know how to change any recipes since flavored Kojel sometimes has sugar/aspartamine(sp?), but wouldn’t mind trying it someday.

  7. Victoria

    Pangea vegan marshmellows are great but they are oftern out of stock and if oyu live int he uk it takes 6 weeks for them to arrive at least,

  8. Michelle - NS

    Yes, I was excited to try pangea’s marshmellows, but when I checked the ingredient list, I noticed it had carageenan and soy protein, both of which contains MSG. MSG is horrible and can cause a myriad of health concerns.

    Unfortunately many vegans don’t realize how much MSG they are ingesting. All the “meatless” meats contain huge amounts. As a vegan, I have noticed all of these ingredients much to my sadness.


  9. q

    Kojel states that it must be dissolved in boiling water or bring to boil immediately if using cold water and that it is quick setting unlike regular gelatine. the envelope size is also different.

    I then wonder, if all the recipes out there are just ‘substitutions of the word gelatine with vegetarian gelatine’ rather than true recipes.

    If anyone knows of a really true & tried recipe that makes marshmallows and uses Kojel, please let us all know.


  10. Lindsey

    i am a student doing a report on marshmallowa in 6th grade. does anybody have info on marshmalows email me. thanks bye.

  11. Neil

    Check out
    Their products are first rate!!! Yum!

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