Mad cow tests botched

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Mad cow tests botched in ‘disastrous error’

“Scientists trying to find out whether the national sheep flock is infected with mad cow disease have spent the past four years testing the brains of cows instead of sheep.” D’oh…

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  1. Net Risou

    In Japan, beef from America will be lifted the ban on import soon. Japanese(except a part as people of the food service industry, etc)think that American test and management of beef is unbelievable careless(I looked American test and management of beef on TV). The condition of lifting of the ban on import of beef from America is a twenty-month old cattle and the under, and to get rid of the perilous region of cattle(Because current quick diagnostic way of BSE test is difficult to detect the abnormal prion from thrty-month old cattle and the under.). But, according to Eastern medicine, the perilous region is the place that hereditary elements appear strongly. Therefore, canít see the abnormal prion by technology but may hide the ingredient of the abnormal prion of the root of BSE. And as the number of data by technology is insufficient, canít assert that a twenty-month old cattle and the under are safe perfectly, it is the opinion of Japanese scientists. In Japan, as the law obliges to show the producing districts of foodstuffs but doesnít obliges to show the producing districts of foods, we Japanese will have beef from America eaten certainly without knowing a part of foodstuff of our eating foods is the beef from America. We Japanese fears very much. Science and technology isnít necessarily perfect. We Japanese recommend you American Japanese test for all cattle.

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