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As mentioned below, the current issue of Organic Style (a new spinoff of Organic Gardening) has a brief feature on white tea (this link will likely disappear when the next issue hits the stands). As you may know, I’m a huge fan of white tea’s subtle flavor and find few things more relaxing than a cup of Sow Mee or Silver Needle. Interestingly, while green tea has always been touted for its health benefits, white tea has those same benefits, only amplified. The lower amount of caffeine is just a start.

“The newest health drink comes in a teacup, and this time, it’s not green. The antioxidants in green tea that safeguard cells from damage and prevent cancer, heart disease, and osteoporosis are also in white tea—in higher concentrations.”

One thing I didn’t know is that there is now a skin cream made from white tea by Origins called A Perfect World White Tea Skin Guardian. Whether or not it’s actually better for your skin, I don’t know, but it’s still pretty cool to see this rare tea being mentioned outside of tea enthusiast mailing lists.

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  1. Jeff

    i’ve tried white tea from three different companies, although the taste of 2/3 can’t compare to the 2.5 oz FOOJOY silver tip cannister. the price is reasonable, i found 2.5 oz for $15. but i also got other expensive tea that didn’t match the sweet flavor of this FOOJOY tea, actually, not even close. even it’s aroma is vrey distinct. FOOJOY was the first brand i tried, and have since been trying to find the same quality a little cheaper, but to no avail. i’ve accepted that i have done enough experimenting, and 15 for 2.5 oz sounds just fine to me now, but i would appreciate any feedback i could get on this matter. thanks!


  2. Robert Coyle


    I run a small coffee/tea shop and carry one moderate proced white tea, Sou Mee or Sow Mee, it has more withered leaves, but has a nice flavor, delicate and pleasant. While I would be happy to mail it to you, you might find it where you live. It should be @1.45 to 2.25 per ounce.

    Kind regards

  3. peter

    we bought a packet of sow mee tea in china town in sydney 3.52 oz for $1.80. how much do you need to put onto a 4 cup teapot

  4. Ryan

    Peter — Is it loose tea? If so, I would put one teaspoon in for each 8 oz. of water.

  5. peter

    thanks ryan. yes it is loose tea. where are these people living if they are paying $15

  6. Kibble

    Hi. I live in the UK and white tea here is unbelievably expensive. 42g costs 12.50 at one place I know, which is $24 (US).

    I think I have the same tea that Peter got in Sydney though – it is the Sow Mee brand which I got in Sydney also for about $2. Seems great stuff, although mine says ‘sunflower’ on it, which I am not sure of the significance of. Is it made with sunflowers?

  7. Al Dente

    So far FooJoy Silver Tip is my favorite as well though Bai Mudan is very nice too. Shou Mei wasn’t bad though to tell the truth I’ve had green teas I liked better.

    I just wish I could find Silver tip cheaper.

  8. Laura

    It’s not all that surprising that white and green teas have the same health benefits when you know that they come from the same plant… Black, green, and white teas all come from the same exact leaf, the difference lies in the processing. Black tea is stronger because it is rolled, then fermented before becoming a tea bag. Green is rolled, but not fermented, and white is all natural.

  9. Ann Trenton

    Drinking a cup of tea to treat your upset stomach is no longer considered as an old remedy. The benefits of drinking tea are truly wonderful, especially if it is white tea. White tea is an ancient beverage which is now used in almost all parts of the world. Most of White tea’s healing properties come from the extraordinary amount of antioxidants it contains. Antioxidants have been know to have alot of benefits and white tea is a good way to get lots of them

  10. Ann Trenton

    Great post! By now you can see that white tea has a great range of effects on the body and a tremendous number of benefits to your health. Its supreme power is in preventing disease and disorder.

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