Veggie deli sandwiches


Usually my lunch is made up of leftovers from the previous night’s dinner, which works out well. But last week I felt more like going back to the every day sandwich routine. I bought some rolls (I want to know where you can find whole wheat sub rolls—do they even exist?), some Tofurkey peppered deli slices, and a pack of Tofutti American faux-cheese slices (which are vegan). I added some mustard or Nayonaise, tomato, and lettuce and had myself a nice vegan sub.

I was certainly impressed by the good flavor of the Tofurkey peppered deli slices (they even satisfied Huyen, who gets picky about my faux-meat products) but I was most impressed with how much better the Tofutti faux-cheese slices were versus the Veggie Slices I’m used to. Interestingly, though Veggie Slices have casein (a skim milk protein) to help get the cheese texture, I was more satisfied with Tofutti’s texture and flavor. Note that Tofutti slices have more saturated fat than the veggie slices, but for most healthy-eating vegetarians/vegans, this shouldn’t be a problem.

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