Preparing for Thanksgiving


I picked up my special-ordered Tofurky roast from Healthy by Nature. Unfortuantely, I wasn’t very specific when ordering and only got the roast rather than the whole Vegetarian Feast (with drumsticks and Tofurky Jerky wishbones). Healthy by Nature, as I’ve mentioned before, is my favorite health food store in the area. Others I’ve been to have placed special orders and never gotten them in. HbN has a number of friendly employees and is always well-stocked with vegetarian/vegan items as well as organic fruits and vegetables. Plus they’re the only place in the area that carries the mint Tofutti Cuties. :)

It should be an interesting Thanksgiving: this will be our first family Thanksgiving that we’re hosting. I’m the only vegetarian in the bunch, though, so there will still be a turkey on our table, unfortunately.

I also picked up some gravy as well, which I tried last year and really enjoyed.

Regina’s Vegetarian Table


I was happy to realize this weekend that Regina’s Vegetarian Table is back on PBS on Sundays. It’s the only vegetarian cooking show on television, as far as I know, and after watching an episode, I’m always inspired to head to the kitchen and try something new.

Question: how come the Food Network doesn’t have a strictly vegetarian cooking show? Let’s get awful shows like Emeril to lower rotation and bring in a good vegetarian show for the millions of vegetarians in this country alone.


VegTV has a one-hour streaming program available. I watched the first 10 minutes, and while it had some good information, it was unbelievably cheesy and amateur. Kind of a shame really.

Perhaps what put me over the top was referring to soy as a “miracle food.” Yes—soy is pretty damn healthy and versatile, but the notion of a “miracle food” is absurd (as is “supergrain,” something I’ve seen quinoa referred to as). Overstating the benefits or versatility of soy (or any other product) will really do nothing more than to make vegetarianism look like a fad diet.