Fruitarian parents spared jail


Baby death parents spared jail

In the UK, a fruitarian couple was feeding their baby a strictly fruitarian diet. There’s a lot of controversy surrounding fruitarianism, as it’s an extremely limited diet that almost certainly does not provide the necessary nutrients when followed strictly, especially for infants. Unfortunately, this couple learned the hard way, at the expense of their child’s life.

In my opinion, the judge was too easy on them, claiming that the death of their child was punishment enough. They consistently went against doctor’s orders. They knew the risk they were putting their child at and must have noticed how malnourished their daughter was. A sad case…

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  1. Robert

    They have a simple name for this kind of thing: child neglect.

  2. Scott

    Fruitarianism is a totally unhealthy diet for one to adopt, especially for a child.

  3. Ryan

    It seems that these parents are now being referred to alternately as raising their child on a “raw vegan diet”… not the same thing… though I have serious doubts about a raw foods’ diet’s benefits, it’s different from a fruitarian diet and it’s also different from a vegan diet.

  4. konokiita

    Actually a fruitarian diet can be healthy when followed properly. There are quite a few healthy fruitarians out there, but it really depends on how “strict” the diet was for the family. Any smart fruitarian knows that you can’t just live off of fruit salad. You need a wide variety of fruits, legumes, nuts, and occasionally vegetables.

  5. Macy

    Actually the U.K. Health organization as well as any nutritionist who studied in a credited college will tell you that you simply cannot get all of the caloric and nutritional needs of growing children of ANY age met by fruitarianism. They also go so far as to say that any adult that lives solely on a fruitarian diet will eventually suffer from malnutrition and loss of bone density just to mention a few of the ills that arise from this diet.

  6. konokiita

    Strangely I’ve been a fruitarian for 30 years and I feel fine. And you can get plenty calories by eating avocados and large amount of nuts. Anyways, the parent also should’ve breastfeeded their child. Breast milk contains vital nutrients for growing children.

  7. Ruth

    Adults can make choices about their diets, children are dependent on adults to make the right choices for them. I do believe the judge was correct. The lost of their child will define this couples’ life until they die, they will think about their daughter and what they did and did not do every single day of their lives. I pray they are able to forgive themselves and learn from this tragedy. This is proof that there needs to be a lot more support for people who do not want to feed their children meat or animal products, such extreme cases are used by meateaters to discredit all vegans. My brother died from diptheria because my parents belonged to a church that advised them to pray for him rather than take him to a doctor. If my parents were punished for that where would the rest of their living children be, punished also? No, I can guarantee to you that they have paid and are still paying. What we need is support and education not more punishment.
    How many parents get punished who feed their kids meat and junk food and their kids get sick and many die from such diet related diseases. We live in a society that supports meat eating and poisoned food which is known to kill, yet those who pedal it to parents kids are not punished…..

    Peace and Love

  8. mango

    I am fruitarian of long standing, and believe that the fruitarian diet was not real the issue here at all. Lack of breastfeeding probably was a major part of it though.

    Plenty of chlidren die from being malnourished on a conventional diet, but noone is standing saying the parents hould be punished for it.

    Persoanlly I have a friend who has reared 2 healthy bright children on a fruitarian diet, and neither have had any of the normal health issues that most kids get.. no colds etc.. I think the fruitarian diet is the only true healthy diet out there.


  9. praying family member

    I’ve just seen two babies that are 20 months old twins. One just started walking the other can walk. Their mom feeds them twice a day. In the am they get bananas and avocado. In the pm they get watermelon and watermelon juice and that’s it. Oh they may eat a few grapes. Their gives them o.j. and water. They are lathargic, non responsive and just not too alert most of the time. How can I help the mom understand that they need more in their diet? This is really serious.

  10. Anne

    In response to what Macy said about no accredited Nutritionist would approve a fruitarian diet.
    When my son was 6 I took him to a registered State Nutritionist in England. He had been on a fruit diet from birth.
    I had to write down everything he ate or drank for a week.
    When we were sent the analysis, she said that due to the variety within his fruit diet, his diet was complete apart from B12, which was only to be expected as B12 is not recognised to be in a fruit diet. She also said that his calcium intake was a bit below that recommended. But apart from this she was very satisfied with his diet. EVERY other nutrient was there in adequate amounts
    I still have the letter from her.
    So please do not blithely state a blanket judgement about all nutritionists.
    Just as there are healthy and unhealthy children on standard diets; just because a child is on a fruit diet does not mean they are necessarily unhealthy.
    My elder son has no fillings and great teeth at age 17, so I am sure that his calcium requirements are very adequate.
    Most Calcium RDAs are based on people eating a diet containing animal protein which actually leeches the calcium from one’s body so if you are on a vegan or fruit diet then you need less calcium intake than a meat or diary eater.
    Yours in peace,

  11. --

    Exactly why I won’t call myself vegan ;)

  12. Beth

    “Strangely I’ve been a fruitarian for 30 years and I feel fine. And you can get plenty calories by eating avocados and large amount of nuts. Anyways, the parent also should’ve breastfeeded their child. Breast milk contains vital nutrients for growing children.”

    From an article about the story,

    “After Areni’s birth on 8 September 1999, the family saw a paediatrician who said the baby was not developing properly, and that her mother’s breastmilk was nutritionally deficient.”

    Here’s another link to the story,

    The mother’s breast milk lacked the nutrition needed for the baby.

    “I do believe the judge was correct.”

    So just because they lost their kid people should feel sorry for them and give them a slap on the wrist? If an adult kills an adult should they not be given jail time just because they felt bad? No. They should have gotten a much more harsh sentence. Good thing their other children were also taken away and hopefully they aren’t sent back to those people.

  13. Emerson

    Bullshit. Fruits are the best food of all. This kid did not die because of fruits (If she died at all).

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