Tortellini in sour cream sauce with tomatoes and leeks


While visiting my parents this past weekend, I was looking through my mom’s cookbooks. I was surprised to find among them a copy of Quick Vegetarian Pleasures, which she presumably bought when my sister became vegetarian in her early teens. I borrowed the book from my mom and made one of the simpler recipes from it the other night, Tortellini in sour cream sauce with tomatoes and leeks.

The end result was really good. I even substituted non-dairy sour cream with great results (there was cheese in the dish, so it wasn’t a vegan dish). It was nice and hearty and the sour cream sauce coated the tortellini nicely. What really made the dish, though, was the sauteed tomato and leek mixture that topped each serving. For such a simple dish, the variety of flavors and textures was surprisingly complex.

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