“Recovering” vegetarian?!


Is there really a need for a book called The Recovering Vegetarian Cook Book: 12 Easy Steps to Eating Meat Again?

5 Responses to ““Recovering” vegetarian?!”

  1. Robert

    “Need” and “existing market” are two different things.

  2. Paul

    There is a need, because it will sell books. That’s the only purpose I can see it fulfilling.

  3. Jen

    Militant meat eaters will give it to their vegetarian friends/relatives to “convince” them that a vegetarian diet is not really healthy. If my mother-in-law ever sees this book, I fully expect to get a copy.

  4. Geneva

    You can see my 17 years of no meat to meat again at this site http://veg.iluvspokane.com/
    glad to see there are more of you out there!

  5. Jesse

    Hey Geneva! Suck it! Sorry, just having a bad day. I really do hope you find whatever it is that you’re looking for (what that is, I have no idea).

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