Tempeh Stroganoff

Last night we tried Tempeh Stroganoff from Simply Vegan, with the recipe trimmed down to “for two” since we only had about 6 oz. of tempeh left in the package.

The end result was a nice, hearty sauce (with the tempeh taking place of beef) that tasted good over pasta. Easy dish, good flavor.

Vegetarian Nutrition: Is It Really Complete?

Vegetarian Nutrition: Is It Really Complete?

This is an outstanding article about vegetarian nutrition. It’s an easy read and works as a great introduction, but it also had a pretty significant amount of information that I didn’t know. For instance, low-carb diets are not exactly the best way to lose weight (which is something I thought all along), but pasta, rice, and potatoes can actually help weight loss by boosting your metabolism and encouraging more fat burning. In addition, a gram of carbs from the aforementioned products has only four calories while a gram of fat from chicken, beef, or other sources has nine. Also interesting: “ounce for ounce, shrimp have double the cholesterol of beef.” Wow.

A really good read.