“Beefy” Chili

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Tonight I tried out a “beefy” vegetarian chili dish from Nava Atlas’ The Vegetarian 5-Ingredient Gourmet. Though I’m far from a chili expert (this may have been the first full bowl I’ve ever had), I ate the whole thing and loved it. It was quite hearty and had enough spice to it to make my nose itch.

The five ingredients? Organic pinto beans, organic black bean medium salsa, frozen corn kernels, Moringstar Grillers veggie crumbles, and cumin. I’ll see whether Ms. Atlas will give me permission to reprint the recipe on the blog, so you all can try it.

I’ll be cooking for myself for a three or four days this week, so I plan on trying out a new dish each night. Of course I’ll report back. :)

Vietnamese vegetarian

Having my future mother-in-law in town always means good eating. This week she cooked up a simple, but very tasty vegetable stir-fry for me with pieces of gluten. I think I may try to cook with gluten and see if I can simulate Taste of Vietnam‘s black-peppered gluten dish.

Last night she made Banh Xeo (considered Vietnamese pancakes, though they are actually more like crepes) and she always serves up great egg rolls and fresh spring rolls during her visit. She’s not vegetarian, but she knows a lot of the Vietnamese vegetarian cooking techniques and gladly passes them along.

Site work

Today at lunch I did a little editing and got some things fixed on the site:

  1. The search now works and looks nice (titles are modified on the fly for readability).
  2. The permalinks work again (they didn’t after the move).
  3. The site is finally readable in Netscape 4.x. Note, though, it looks kind of sloppy unless you look at it in NS6/Mozilla, Opera 5, or IE 5.

The Vegetarian 5-Ingredient Gourmet

Yesterday I got my copy of Nava AtlasThe Vegetarian 5-Ingredient Gourmet, a cookbook based around the idea that cooking a healthy, tasty vegetarian meal doesn’t have to be the most complicated thing in the world. All of the recipes have five or less ingredients (not including water, salt, and peper) and are relatively easy to make. But that also doesn’t mean that they’re the same-old-same-old, either. There are some really tasty sounding dishes (curried lentils and spinach, leek and potato soup, and a few tasty sounding bean and chili recipes) that can be prepared from a few easy ingredients.

I really like her philosophy on cooking, too, as it mirrors my own: cooking can be as relaxing or meditative as any other activity. She also believes that cooking simple dishes doesn’t mean that you’re taking an easy way out, but rather that you’re preparing a meal that will allow you to focus on the fun part of cooking rather than rushing around the kitchen trying to make three complicated dishes at a time.

The Poughkeepsie Journal also has an article on her today.

I imagine that over the next couple of weeks, you’ll see a bit more commentary on specific recipes as I try them out.