Bernie Goetz: vegetarian?


Bernie Goetz is using vegetarianism as a major part of his mayoral platform. Whether this is a step forward or backwards, I’m not quite sure…

4 Responses to “Bernie Goetz: vegetarian?”

  1. Robert

    It’s better than his shoot people platform.

  2. Morganna

    Well,It’s not surpriging, as he had been one of about four or five vegetarians who dress as Penelo Pea pod (an oversized pea pod) for the viva vegie group, handing out literature and warning people “don’t eat the animals”. He plans to run again in 2005.

  3. J

    What was Goetz supposed to do? Capitulate to street crime and give the thugs his money? He fought back, he’s a hero.

  4. Big WEVS1

    He should be President of the United States of America.

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