Vegetarian Journal highlights

The current issue of the Vegetarian Journal is the best one I’ve seen thusfar. There’s a good article on eating vegan on college campuses, one on the benefits of flax seeds (the best source of Omega-3s for vegetarians), and a set of recipes with chickpeas as the main ingredient. The only thing better would be if they incorporated horror movies into it somehow… oh, wait… they did! There’s a feature on 80s scream queen Linnea Quigley (Return of the Living Dead, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama), who’s been a vegan for 14 years.

Bravo, VRG for an outstanding issue from cover-to-cover.

Hoping for rain

Taking a break from writing his new book, Erik Marcus, author of Vegan: The New Ethics of Eating, wrote up a nice column for his site titled “Hoping for Rain.” In it he discusses the finding that Twinlab vitamins contain gelatin, even though they don’t say so on the ingredients, which is rightfully angering vegans who have trusted Twinlab’s B-12 supplements.

He also talks about a recent discovery of his own that the generally vegan Soy Delicious ice cream (my personal favorite line of soy ice cream) now has a product with “organic egg powder.” Why a company that makes soy ice cream (generally marketed towards vegans) would include eggs all of a sudden is kind of strange.

He also goes on to discuss a friend of his that is trying out “veganic farming.” That is, organic farming that doesn’t support the killing/slaughter industries at all (meaning no bloodmeal fertilizer, fish parts, or manure) and ends the article on a feel-good note.

Erik’s one of the community’s best writers and this article is a perfect example why.

Bug fix

Thanks to Paul for helping me track down a wacky little bug in my code that made the site look really goofy in Netscape 6/Mozilla. It should be working better now, and it is readable again in Netscape 4.x as well (though I’d encourage anyone using that abomination of a browser to upgrade to 6.1, Mozilla, IE 5.5, or Opera 5.12—PLEASE).

Diet/cancer link

Vegetarian diet might lower but not eliminate risk of cancer

Why would this even be a headline? I have never once seen that a vegetarian diet (or any diet, for that matter) can “eliminate” the risk of cancer. Every article I’ve ever read is about how certain dietary changes can reduce the risk, yet this headline might as well have said, “Ha Ha, Vegetarians, You Might Still Get Cancer.” Yeah, no kidding. And even if you stay in your house all day, you might still get run over by a car.

Fortunately, the article itself is a little more intelligent than the headline. It discusses how the cancer in question (non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma) “is a much less predictable—and less preventable—cancer than, say, lung cancer.”