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Something I hadn’t even really thought about was brought to my attention recently: soap. For some reason, I had totally forgotten that soap is made from animal by-products (tallow)… that kind of bugged me out that something like soap, which can be made almost as easily without any tallow, is concern for vegetarians. Leather is one thing because it’s obvious that it’s from an animal source, but soap?

So today I went out and picked up a couple bars of soap not made from an animal source. One is Kiss My Face brand Olive and Aloe soap (Kiss My Face can be found easily in most stores, as they make a lot of hand and face lotions) and a bar of Clearly Natural Cucumber soap. We’ll see how it works… so long, Irish Spring!

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  1. Paul

    The Kiss My Face line seems to be your best value. The bars I’ve had (limited quantities) have been enormous – and certainly look like they’ll last a long time.

  2. Ryan

    Yes — I was amazed when I saw it was a chunky 8 oz. bar…

  3. Marlo

    I tried a vegan soap recently. It was really good. It is at and I loved it. Way better than kiss my face which to me has a funky smell

  4. Jenny

    My favorite vegetarian soap is Neolia. It is made from extra-virgin olive oil, has no animal ingredients like most other soaps and smells amazing. I buy it from

  5. stephanie

    I really recommend the soaps at – hand made, most of them not just vegetarian but vegan. and yummy!

  6. Enrico

    real 100%Virgin Olive Oil Soap
    Only one Brand:


  7. Roy

    Neem oil, known in the tropics as “the village pharmacy”, is the principal ingredient in One Village Neem soap, approved by the Vegetarian Society UK, and available worldwide from

  8. Reggie

    A good soap for people with sensitive hands is Superdrug Pure. It’s unperfumed, and you can buy it from any Superdrug shop in the United Kingdom.

  9. Betty Grove

    I am desperate!
    Where may I buy Neolia bar soap as of 9-1-05. I just found it five months ago, and now it is not available at my local Wal-Mart. It is the ONLY bath soap that did not add to my eczema in the past in five years. For some reason, the Neolia shower gel activates the eczems; the bar soap does not.

  10. Greg Sparks

    All natural, all vegetable , olive oil based, biodegradable and phosphate-freee soap is available at Great for sensitive skin.There are 21 kinds. Long Lasting and exceptionally mild. ABSOLUTELY no animal products.

  11. nancy

    Hi I saw Neolia and i was excited… but after getting a box, i found out that Neolia has the same ingredients as any other soap bar out there. Except the fact that olive oil is used instead of animal fat. neolia still contains bleaching agents, fragrance and other synthetic harsh ingredients. If you dont belive me, pick up a box and compare it to other soaps. its all the same. Stick to kiss my face in my opinion

  12. Diona

    I make 100% vegetable oil soaps and have several psoriasis/eczema/chemotherapy patients who are long time customers. They keep coming back, so I feel confident that something good is happening for them. I specialize in moisturizing combinations that appeal to both men and women.

  13. Holly

    Aloha Everyone,
    I make natural, vegan soaps here in Hawaii. Check out my new website at:

    Thanks for looking!

  14. Jay

    Kiss My Face contains SALT which is a skin irritant and eye irritant listed on its MSDS spec sheet. You can find basic organic soaps online, but they are often irritating too, because finding the correct formula to remove all lye in natural saponified soap is tough. The ONLY soap I buy now is by Organic Soap and Spa – has about 100 products online at They are natural vegetable based soap that is then double and triple processed for extra moisturizing and essential oils added. When these are added to the regular ‘soap making’ process the oils are chemically changed and lose much of the reason you would want them in the first place. Its a chemical reaction, for heavens sake. So, you have to have them added after the saponification process. This is labor intensive, and most ‘natural’ soaps stop after the initial ‘soap making’ part. There is a HUGE difference.

  15. Bridget

    How about Jason products, they claim to be organic but are they truly?? Has anyone tried this line, let me know what you think or how it worked for you.

  16. Danielle

    LUSH also makes a lot of vegan soaps, shampoos, shower gels, bath products, etc.

  17. Mary

    I like Kiss My Face but also recently started using Kirk’s Castile ( No animal products or animal testing. I buy it at King Soopers.

  18. Visionaerie B

    I think that Osco-Jewel sells Neolia soap. I’d like to give it a try, but I do like and mostly use Kiss My Face (olive aloe). But remember that if you let it soak too much, it will turn to mush. You might also want to try some of the tea tree oil soaps, which are great for skin conditions. Thursday Plantation and Desert Essence make some good ones. The smell is a bit funky (paint or stinky washcloth?) but I find it to be refreshing once you get used to it. Finally, it may be best of all to just find a local soap maker and then you can be sure of the ingredients — or try making your own!

  19. Katherine

    Green Pergola makes excellent soap that is vegetarian friendly. No animal products and they appear to be a pretty “green” company.

    My husband loves the garden gate soap and now won’t use anything else. We buy them online at

  20. Irene Barber

    Betty Grove says that Superdrug PURE soap can be bought at an of the shops. Unfortunately that is not quite true as it is not stocked by my local shop in Farnworth, which means I have to travel to Bolton to get supplies. Because of this I buy around 20 bars at a time which can be pretty heavy to carry to the bus stop or car park for someone of my age, 78. I have used it for years as I am allergic to perfume and Lanolin. I suffered from very sore skin but that problem has been solved with PURE soap and an abosute ban on fabric softeners. Unfortunately softener has now been added to my favourite ACDO soap powder so I will have to lookfor an alternative which is a nuisance. Perhaps Superdrug will take up my cause and supply my local shop.

  21. JO

    I make my own all natural, plant derived soaps. You need to be careful when purchasing from larger companies…such as LUSH which uses strong detergents in their soaps.

  22. Janet

    want to try the neolia olive oil soap..I use only neutragena soap on face and have given up all shampoo’s and use Kirks castile..try it..leaves your hair squeaky clean..then you can use conditioner if you wish..I started using Kirks 50 yrs ago when washing my horses for show..made white tails like snow..great on dogs also..better then all the comersial stuff you buy for pets..

  23. Dawn

    when making handmade soap with vegetable oils it is not hard to get the right bar to have all the sodium hydroxide leave the soap.
    Once the oils saponify and the bar is left for the correct amount of time out to dry which will allow the water to evaporate and shrink some the soap then conatins NO sodiium hydroxide at ALL… There are ways to test the soap to see the level of PH it carries. Just so you know there are two kinds of homade soap one is called CP and the bars actually take up to 4 weeks to be ready for sale and the other is HP and they can take up to 2 weeks to be done!
    I believe many are confusing Vegan and organic products…
    Vegan Soap means there is no animal fats or animal testing done in regards to the soap. It does not mean the soap is organic as it can contain fragrance oils. If it is labeled organic than it contains no fragrance or plant based essential oils.

  24. jon


  25. Lisa Blue

    Homemade soaps are very gentle. I no longer use soaps in drug/grocery stores use cuz they’re full of detergents. I use only homemade soaps that are vegan. Our favorites soaps we like use is from….all vegan and gentle.

  26. Lillie

    Hi, I have a little store that sells all natural vegan and vegetable soap. I found your site while I was doing some research and one of the posts caught my eye and I just had to say something. 99% of the chemical reaction that takes place in the soap making process happens during the first 24-48 hours during saponification. If a recipe is superfatted, the base oils used will retain value since all of the oil is not saponified. At or just before tracing a soapmaker also adds addition oils (usually more costly or delicate) and additional ingredients to further accentuate the intended use of the bar. If you’ve had an experience with harsh soap, the soap may not have been superfatted, was made with inferior oils, contained too much of a “cleansing oil”, or may have been lye heavy. These are novice mistakes. Making soap isn’t about throwing your favorite oils together in a recipe, it’s a heavily calculated scientific process that takes practice and never ending research. A lot of time people see a key ingredient and they pay loads of money for it. Realistically, most costly ingredients have a very similar if not better less expensive counter-part. Check out my website, I have an information page that offers some insight on oils.

  27. dwebee


  28. mary


  29. Hilary

    I happened upon this site and was saddened that people are having a hard time with finding a great soap. I’ve been spoiled as my mom has been making soap and selling it for over 23 years. I myself have eczema and this soap does NOT irritate my skin at all. I won’t use other soaps because they irritate my skin and it doesn’t make my skin feel good at all, and I never travel without it. I like to know that the soap I subject my skin to everyday is not harmful to my skin, or to the environment. I like knowing that the ingredients used are all natural and don’t contain chemicals or animal products. I’m not trying to push her soap on you, but if you ARE interested in a healthy soap and don’t know where to look I’ll provide her website. (and she is on Etsy) I just think everyone should be able to find a great natural soap that doesn’t cost a fortune. or look up AerieMountain on Etsy

  30. Ryan

    Many years ago I starting considering what I used on the outside of my body (skin) as much as what I took in (eat). I started crafting my own vegan soap to satisfy the need. The results and feedback from other people using the soap have been great. Just recently we launched a new store where the soap is available. If you like you can check us out at and learn more about our products and what we do.


  31. cristin

    Organic soap doesn’t have to cost a small fortune, $8.00 for a bar of Organic, Vegan soap..are you joking???

    Vegan and Organic all the way. Only $4.85 for a 5 oz bar of Organic, home made soap. Deffinetly not too shabby in these tough economic times.

    Check it out for yourselves….

    Site also includes Herbal, Vegan Lip Gloss and Mango & Shea Butter mixed body butter…..

  32. Razi

    Its true that it has Olive Oil but what about “Glycerin”, is it sourced out from vegetable or from animal fat.

  33. Lauren Kelley

    I have been on the computer now for about 2 hours trying to find out if my bar of soap brand is vegitarian. Its called Yardley London (lavender). Can anyone tell me if it is indeed vegitarian/vegan friendly?

  34. Lucille

    I’ve been using olivella soaps now for over three years. Their fragrance free bar soap is probably the most natural soap you can find out there. Its main ingredient is virgin olive oil and glycerin from olive oil. One thing I noticed it’s that their soaps came with lightly different color every time and on their website ( ) they explain that this is due by the natural ingredients and the fact they don’t use colorants or chemical additives. Plus you can buy it online for $2.79 and it lasts forever.

  35. Rhino

    I sell almost exclusively Vegan and vegetarian soaps. so stop by and take a look.

  36. Simon

    It never ceases to amaze me at the number of products that contain animal ingredients that shouldn’t. I personally think that everything should print on whether it contains animal sourced ingredients. Not just for vegetarians, just so people know.

  37. Samantha

    Since I started using vegan soaps, I haven’t looked back! I absolutely love them, especially the rose bar made with real rose petals by I love that their soaps are made from olive oil and organic shea , they are nothing like the commercial soaps I use to purchase.

  38. Robert

    If people knew what chemicals and toxins are in their non-natural soaps they would stop using them immediately. Check out Vilia Soap Company for their all natural skincare line

  39. natural cosmetics

    Very nice vegetarian soaps

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