Pasta, peas, and garlic soup


Tried an interesting dish the other night, a garlic broth from Moosewood Cooks at Home with pasta and frozen peas thrown in, topped with freshly grated parmesan:

Garlic Soup

I was very pleased with how good the broth tasted. The pasta and the peas added a nice, hearty nature to the dish. Next time, I may throw a few saffron threads in the broth for good measure.

One thing I learned: 6 cups of soup is a lot. I had no idea it would feed the two of us for a week. :)

8 Responses to “Pasta, peas, and garlic soup”

  1. Rob

    Veggie dishes seem to be some of the nastiest looking food I’ve ever seen.

  2. Ryan

    Well, gee, thanks, buddy!

    It’s just pasta, peas, and broth.

  3. Rob

    But… but… the pasta looks like brains… ;)

  4. Paul

    I think that if Ryan plays with Photoshop filters a bit, the dishes’ll look as good as they taste.

  5. Ryan

    Shall I mosaic them so they look like they’re on America’s Most Wanted?

  6. Paul

    Nah, like this!

  7. Paul

    Quite right. Quite right.

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