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Since I’m finally getting a new computer, I can actually think about installing some new software. One of the first orders of business will be a recipe database. Since I’m very picky about my software, I was predictably unimpressed by the first few programs I tried out. I finally came across one that seems to be just about perfect: Easy Recipe Deluxe by Wen Software. It has the look and feel I want and some nice features, like a built in ingredient nutritional database (which is used to automatically calculate a dish’s nutritional information).

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  1. Heather

    Have you looked at BigOven? It’s at Does nutrition analysis, grocery lists, and best of all — links up to a database with over 100,000 recipes, ready to import. Pretty cool.

  2. Jackie R

    BigOven looks like a great product. Lots of vegetarian recipes, and many of them are rated by cooks.

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