Anti-McDonald’s? You get detention!

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High School Student Forced to Apologize After Protesting a Mandatory Assembly for McDonald’s

Sounds like we have a young activist on our hands. During a mandatory assembly, which turned out to be a love-in for McDonald’s, he openly challenged the McDonald’s representative and criticized the company. In return, he was made to apologize and was threatened with a ten day suspension. Be sure to listen to the interview (Real Audio).

The interview is followed a McDonald’s french fries update.

Organically Grown Animal Products: A Good Alternative for Vegans?

Organically Grown Animal Products: A Good Alternative for Vegans?

Here’s an interesting question: if your primary reason for being vegan is ethical, is it OK to consume organic dairy and egg products?

Virginia Messina raises another question: how do you know what happens to the animals on an organic farm after they can no longer produce eggs or milk? Are they sold to other farms? Factory farms?

Food for thought.

Organic dairy

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Regina’s Vegetarian Table, as many of you will remember, is one of the few shows I anxiously await each week (though it seems to be off of its normal schedule right now). Right now, Regina has a good article on her web site supporting organic dairy products.

It makes me really happy when I’m in Giant and see what I consider to be an “average American” reach for the organic milk even though it costs a little more rather than the store brand. It’s not just about health (connections have been made between the use of bovine growth hormones and early puberty in children), but about the choice to support sustainable agriculture and farmers that treat their dairy cows humanely.

And it’s easy to find. In Giant, they carry two different brands of organic milk. For a half-gallon, one costs about $3.50 and the other about $2.95. Hopefully more varieties of organic cheeses will become available soon.

Garlic and Cilantro salsa

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Last week I picked up some great Garlic and Cilantro salsa by Seeds of Change, a company whose products are 100% organic and non-GMO. In addition to supporting sustainable agriculture, they make some really kick ass salsa! I picked up the spicy variety (there is also a mild of this particular mixture) and let me tell you: it’s hot. Perhaps it’s the fact it has Habenero Peppers. :)

They’ve definitely sold me, though. Next time I need salsa, I’m headed to the health store for some Seeds of Change.