SoyNut butter


On a whim this week I bought I.M. Healthy’s SoyNut butter, a peanut butter alternative made with roasted soynuts. It has 30% less fat than regular peanut butter, uses non-GMO soybeans, and is made in a peanut-free facility (great for folks that are deathly allergic to peanuts). It comes in original, honey, unsweetened, and chocolate varieties, and each one is available in creamy or chunky (except for the chocolate).

I tried a jar of the creamy original flavor and was amazed by how tasty it was. It has the exact same color and consistency of creamy peanut butter and its flavor, while not exactly matching, is extremely good. Pricewise, a regular sized jar cost me $3.99 at Giant. It tastes great with jelly or alone.

4 Responses to “SoyNut butter”

  1. Rob

    Is I.M. Healthy related to I.P. Freely?

  2. Robert

    It was a good call not making a chunky, chocolate variety. That’s better suited for party gags than eating.

  3. Huyen

    I second this blog- I am usually picky about substitute products but this soynut butter was yummy!

  4. Nic

    Mmmm…I :heart: soynut butter! Soynut butter with apple slices is the BEST snack ever. We need a Giant store around here; soynut butter costs me around $4.50 at Hy-Vee.

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