Last night I finished the aforementioned Slaughterhouse by Gail Eisnitz. It’s a great book (especially as a companion to Fast Food Nation) that details not only the cruelty to animals in slaughterhouses (and why so-called “humane slaughter” is almost never practiced these days thanks to insanely demanding production rates), but the cruelty to the workers. And unfortunately, that cruelty to workers directly affects the quality of the meat.

For instance, on many pig, chicken, and cow slaughter lines, workers are only given two seven minute breaks in a day. The few available toilets are occupied very quickly and workers often have no choice but to relieve themselves on the floor or on themselves as they work.

I’ll refrain from passing along any of the other gross, inhumane, and digustingly foul information that Eisnitz uncovered during her research for this book and let you pick it up if you’re ready for some stomach-churning reading.

One interesting thing to note is that the word “vegetarian” is never used in the book. Rather, it’s information presented with a minimum of preachiness, leaving the final decision with you as to how to use it.

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