Almond milk


I took another look at the Blue Diamond site today and I have to say: for a site about almonds, the almond industry, and relatively unknown products like Almond Milk, it’s an attractive, informative site. All sorts of information about the health benefits of almonds as well as commentary on the current state of the almond crop.

As I’ve mentioned before, I love their chocolate almond milk, and just this week I picked up their vanilla almond milk. I haven’t tried it yet, but if it’s as good as the chocolate is, I’ll be pleased.

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  1. Jodi Moss

    What section of the grocery store did you buy your vanilla almond milk in? I just found a recipe that calls for that and I’ve never heard of it.

  2. Ryan

    I found it with the boxed soy milks… at my grocery store it’s in the “health food” aisle… any health food store should have it, too. If you can’t find it, you can probably make your own or just substitute vanilla soy milk (it’ll just have a little less nutty of a flavor, but maybe you could add a few drops of almond extract).

  3. finndinn


    If you have a problem locating vanilla Almond Milk, then it is really easy (and tastier) to make you own. I posted a recipe for this just a few days ago on my blog Vanilla Almond Milk recipe.

  4. Corina

    I am really considering becoming a vegan. I heard that soy milk and rice milk are not that great for you, is almond milk a good option and is it true that rice milk is bad?

  5. Danielle

    Unless you are allergic to soy, soy milk isn’t bad for you. Many are fortified with B12. To me, it’s closest in consistency to cow’s milk.

  6. ellen

    soy milk is really bad for you. people are treating it like a miracle food just because it is not cows milk and everybody knows cows milk is bad. soybeans are the most mucus forming plant there is and creates a lot of mucus in the body, as cows milk does. almond milk is the best alternative because all it really contains is almonds and agave nectar. you can even make your own!

  7. Danielle

    I have never heard that about soymilk. It’s probably the anti-soy freaks who are telling you that. It’s cow’s milk that is mucus forming.

  8. Ryan

    It’s Big Almond propaganda, I tell you! :)

    Seriously, though, I think the only people who are really going to run into issues with mucus build-up from soy are those with some degree of a soy allergy.

  9. Isa

    I just did a search for almond milk and I ended up at this blog. I have to say, I had to bookmark it right away =)

    Anyway… about soy milk… Even if you dont believe the mucus build up argument, there is something else to be concerned about soy. Soy is one of the most altered by man crops, so for you to get more benefit than harm by consuming soy products, you need to make sure it’s organic. Go here for some info about genetically altered foods.

  10. delaney

    silk makes non-genetically modified soy milk just to let you know. soy milk also has pretty much the same nutritious value of regular milk. also, dairy is what causes mucus buildup (any type of dairy) dairy is not bad for you as long as it is low in fat. in fact, yogurt is one of the healthiest things for you as long as it is unsweetened. you can make your own yogurt to ensure this.

  11. Cheryl

    Anyone read “The China Study.” Makes you think twice about eating any animal protein whether organic or not. My son and I started to drink soy, then too much hubaloo about that, then rice milk until I read the ingredients closer and saw too many unhealthy oils in it (which affect the balance of the important essential oils you take in). Through much research, almond milk sounds like the winner.

  12. Harry Coombs

    A research Dr told me this and more when I went to Soy from milk and she told me to stay away from soy as it is an endrocine disrupter besides this; “most soy products come from GM crops. Genes from GM crops have been shown to be taken in by gut bacteria, where they are incorporated into the bacteria DNA and produce nice things like pesticides and herbicides – IN YOUR GUT! If you want this – help yourself to lots of soy and other GM crops, like corn and potatoes. Either take rice or almond milk.”

  13. Danielle

    And was this doctor from the notoriously antisoy, antiveg Weston T. Price Foundation?

  14. Misty

    Soy is linked to infertility. This may not be an issue for anyone else…but it is for me. I vote against it!

  15. Kristina

    Thank you so much everyone. I haven’t tried soy milk or almond milk but when The View did a segment awhile back on soy one of them tried the milk and they said it was not good at all it “tasted like breast milk”, of course it may of been the brand. But I hear that almond milk is suppose to be really good so I think I am going to try it soon.

  16. Jamie

    Ive also heard that soy contains a lot of hormones that can suppress calcium absorption, especially in toddlers and young children. I have yet to try any of these, as I am still gathering facts. I have heard good things about almond milk. However I have also been semi-following a problem with the california board of almonds that they are now going to be low heating their raw almonds and still packaging them under the title of raw. The FDA is going to allow this. Its set to be in motion the fall of 2007. I am looking into getting a soyquick milk maker and possibly using it for almond milk.

  17. Krista Embertson

    anyone have a good chocolate almond milk recipe?

    My son has been drinking the Black Diamond brand and he loves it…we all love it.

    Soy…it mimics estrogen, the female hormone. One serving is like taking 5 birth control pills…I wish I would have known that when I had my baby boy 10 years ago. We just recently switched him to almond milk.

  18. ryan

    Krista — be sure to take a close look at the anti-soy research you’re quoting. If it’s connected at all with Dr. Mercola or the Weston A. Price foundation, take it with a grain of salt.

  19. Myrna

    When making the almond milk – is it necessry for
    it to be in the fridge ?
    thanks for the tip about rinsing them and using
    new water.
    I have been using a blender to make mine –
    seems to work fine.
    I eat Bran Buds cereal and almond milk and I like the

  20. Andrea

    But the thing is, almond milk doesn’t have a lot of protein. And when your a vegetarian it’s very important to have protein in your diet.

  21. ryan

    And when your a vegetarian it’s very important to have protein in your diet.

    Protein is not a problem for vegetarians. Eat a varied diet with enough calories and it’s very hard not to get enough protein.

  22. Ann

    Soy is so bad for you. Who ever says it is good for you needs to educate themselves about it. Go to and read about it. I worked in the supplement and natural foods industry and quit because they will package and sell you anything and pretend it is good for you. Soy is NOT!

    Not only is it hard to digest it does mess with your hormone levels and in an estrogen dominant society you do not need fake estrogen period. It is not a plot of Dr. Mercola’s that is absurd. Who ever thinks that needs to seriously get an open mind to the possibility that soy is not your bodies friend and do not give yuour children soy milk.

    Also read about the politics of soy. The company that makes most of it – Monsanto is pure evil and greedy. Almond milk is so easy to make fresh and it takes delicious. Why anyone would want to drink soy I do not know.

    My friends cousin drank it like there was no tomorrow and died a very young death of breast cancer.

    Enough said.

  23. Juliane

    I just found this and have really enjoyed reading the posts. I have been giving my daughter almond milk (since I stopped nursing her at 13 months) we have had had great success…I have just made a recent find though the Original Almond Milk from blus diamond has sweetned added…they have a new unsweetened product which we are now using (although she immediately noticed the change). She consumes less of the unsweetened (go figure). The almond milk I give her has 20% calcium /serving and I beleive that 20% milk has 30%.

  24. Seth

    Dear Danielle.

    It sounds like you own the soy farm. Please educate your self better about soy GM and acidity forming foods.

  25. sylvie

    Hey does anyone have a recipe for chocolate almond milk? I love all types of milk but from my limited research have come to the conclusion that almond is the most natural alternative plus tastes fab! But would really like to play with some different recipes so please let me know if you have any! :)

  26. Tena

    I’m not trying to be funny here, okay? But…what about just adding some chocolate syrup to the almond milk to make chocolate almond milk?

    We just switched to rice milk because we heard bad things about soy milk. After reading this, now I’m wondering if rice milk is bad for us, too. *Sigh*

  27. Laura

    I recently started drinking Blue Diamond’s almond milk once I discovered I am allergic to dairy and soy. But in Blue Diamond’s almond milk ingredients it includes soy lecithin, is this a soy product that I need to be worried about? Are there any almond milks on the market without soy included in the ingredients or do I need to start making my own milk?

  28. Tilio_enduro

    Great to see a debate about Soy, dairy and rice milks.
    Regarding Soy lecithin, you need to understand that this is an isolated extract from soy – it is not whole soy, whole soy is known to contain endocrine disruptors, it is a known goitrogen and as mentioned before is often heavily contaminated with pesticides and herbicides. As an extract is is more likely – but not guaranteed to not have other toxins in it. The best way is to make your own products if you really want to be sure.

  29. Rosalyn
    i’ve heard of the almond junk too.
    … falsely labeling toxic/pasteurized almonds as raw. =[
    and the soy. now that is messed up.

    and not until reading some of these comments i had never heard about the rice milk thing…
    and, there you go.

    now, i don’t think almond milk we be a bad thing, even if the almonds weren’t raw, but to be treated with “highly toxic propylene oxide”… seriously? where am i going to get surely non-toxic almonds from to make milk? i freakin love the stuff…

    what about homemade rice milk?
    is that the answer?

    [in the article about soy and rice milk above it mentions some oils such as soybean, cottonseed and corn oil- and staying away from them… thats something i know just a little bit about… anyone want to inform me?]

  30. ryan

    Rosalyn – Take anything you read from the Weston A Price foundation with a gigantic grain of salt.

  31. Mark

    I have a very sensitive dairy allergy. It isn’t life threatening but I do know when I have had a dairy derivative. With that said, I would like to add that people who do have a dairy allergy listen to their bodies after they drink pre-made soy/rice/almond milks. By listening to my body I know that Rice Dream Original, Silk Organic Soymilk, Pacific: Unsweetened Soy Milk, and some others have some sort of dairy in them even though it isn’t listed on the label. I have switched to Pacific: Almond Milk and now have no issues. I am thinking of making my own now as well.

  32. priscilla

    How can we trust anything about anything…..makes me want to go to bed and pull the covers over my head …..egad

    How do we survive in the real world in real time?
    I’m really trying to go 90% raw, but my cashews aren’t really raw; can’t find macadamias in the raw; searching for the pinenuts;it’s winter, not a lot of organic available…..

    Looks like it’s Miller time ;)

  33. Jyoti

    hey does any one knows how to make almond milk at home?

  34. Mark

    1. Soak raw almonds overnight.
    2. Drain and rinse.
    3. 1 cup soaked almonds per 3 to 4 cups water.
    4. Put in blender.
    5. Use a nut bag to strain almond paste and pour into container.
    6. Sweeten if desired.

  35. Stephanie

    I have a 21 month old that has been on soy since birth….it does cause mucus…loads of it! i didn’t realize it was the cause until he stopped drinking bottles. if you let soy milk sit in a bottle for a day or so (i know, gross, but sometimes you don’t find them for a bit) you’ll see it is the thick, almost like that snotty putty kids play with, and HARD to wash off. this same stuff built up in his stomach. trust me, i am not antisoy. i am a mother with a kid who used to throw up a lot because of the mucus and couldn’t figure out what was causing it.

  36. Tanya

    You can also make almond milk this way (its quicker than soaking Almonds over night):

    1. Boil some water. Then turn off the fire. Place raw almonds in the
    hot water for about 5 minutes. Do not boil almonds

    2. Drain and rinse. Then peel off brown skin with fingers. It’s easy.

    3. Place in the blender – 1 cup soaked peeled almonds per 4 to 5 cups of slightly warm water. I use warm water because I want some oil from the nuts to expel out when blending. But you could also use cool water. Use the same blender settings as though you were making a

    5. Use a stocking and/or cheese cloth to strain almond paste and pour
    into Jug and place in the fridge for storage

    I usually make 1 gallon of this for the whole week to eat with my cereal, since it is a little time consuming, I just do it all at once. I love it!!

    Note: Feel free to use more and/or less water to your liking of thickness.

  37. Tina

    My grandaughter cannot tolerate soy or rice milk(it has gluten in it). Where can I find Almond milk in the vanilla and chocolate? Which local grocery store chain would carry it, we have Krogers here, and would Walmart have it? Please let me know, she is getting sick again.

    Thanks for any help.


  38. Shannon

    I just made almond milk for the first time and I used the same water it was soaking in. Didn’t know I wasnt supposed to. Is that wrong? Will it come out the same? Should I not drink it?

    I’m breastfeeding so I want to be extra safe.

  39. Kim Carr

    For those of you who are trying to avoid soy, read the list of ingredients of ALL your foods. You’d be shocked to find that soy is in SO many things…things you certainly would not expect it to be in like tuna in “water”. I just read online that it’s found in 70% of all supermarket products & the reason is because it’s a CHEAP source of protein. It’s also in BLUE DIAMOND VANILLA ALMOND MILK & is probably in the other flavors too. I was surprised to see it there! I try to avoid soy as much as possible because it can cause thyroid problems & I have issues with my thyroid. There is also a link between soy & infertility. According to what I’ve read, infants who are fed soy formula exclusively receive five birth control pills worth of estrogen every day. How scary. I was on soy formula as a baby & I also suffer from unexplained infertility & I know others who had the same thing happen. So, please, do your own research & you’ll see that soy is not the miracle food we’ve been made to believe it is. I was disappointed to find that soy is in almond milk too, so now I’ll see if there is any other brand out there which does not contain it. Wish me luck!

  40. Oscar

    I just read all the remarks thank you. I have a 16 month baby and been feeding her soy milk for about 2 months. And I have to say that that I have noticed a signifigant mood swing. I am very mad at myself for not researching soymilk before giving it to my baby. I am going to to give her almond milk after seeing and researching it.

  41. Lynn

    Just a note on the soy milk benefits questions. After hearing back in the late 90’s that it might help prevent breast cancer, I started drinking a large glass of it every night with my vitamins. I can’t say it’s connected, but within the year I got breast cancer at age 46. During my chemo treatments I started doing research and found literature saying that new research suggested a possible link between soy and hormone receptive breast cancer. I attended an alternative health seminar sponsored by the hospital where I was being treated and one of the oncologists in the audience raised the question of the link between soy and breast cancer. The speaker said the jury was out but that they recommended that women at risk avoid it until further research was conducted.

    I just visited the original web site which inspired me to start drinking soy milk, and among the advice for women who want to decrease their risk of breast cancer is this:

    “Eat more soy. There has been some recent discussion on the possible negative effect of soy on risk of breast cancer, especially hormone receptor positive forms of the disease. Although the isoflavones in soy do have a mild estrogenic effect (they are able to bind to estrogen receptor sites in human tissue), soy foods also contain many cancer-protective substances. For this reason, and also because population studies have failed to show a relationship between soy consumption and increased risk of breast cancer, we recommend one serving of whole soy foods a day. ”

    For me, I’ll have miso soup once in a while, but I have never had a sip of soy milk. So far, I am a nine year survior.

  42. Haylz

    My goodness… good read. I found out about 2 years ago that I am lactose intolerant, started to take soy milk here and there, but swapped to rice milk after advice from my uncle. I liked it more anyways, now I am thinking to try almond milk after this read (will check ingredients first!) and also I might try to make rice/almond milk if it isn’t too much of a fuss. If it is too much trouble then you know what…how about NO MILK!

    I did switch to goat cheese as well.. and i don’t get a reaction, but if I ever have kids, my guess is they will be sensitive to goat cheese and anything we eat too much of. Advice, mix it many different foods. Try new things! Anything in moderation won’t kill you, but steer as clear as you can, you will still end up consuming some, but it’s the best you can do is being aware and educated in order to know what i avoid.

    I’m gutted tho, i eat quite a bit of tofurky and tofu that i’ll have to now cut it out as well as soy in my starbux …time for a change.

  43. Alice

    Soy Lecithin makes foods more addictable in the same way that gluten and casein have that affect.

    Soy contains enzyme inhibitors and that alone makes it significantly bad for everyone.
    Enzymes are so important. apparently.

    I wish there was some way to make all these stupid food companies stop putting cheap protein and GLUE in everything we are supposed to consume.

  44. Cassidy Anne

    I have enjoyed reading all of these replies! There is great information on this page. Personally, I have been a vegetarian for 6 years and three months ago I decided to go vegan. The hardest part about going vegan for me was the milk products. I absolutely hate milk, but I do love a good starbucks. Part of the reason I wanted to become vegan though (besides all the hormones ect.. in milk) is the fact that Casein is also an ingrediant in milk. Casein is a form of homemade glue! How disgusting, right?! It is the same glue that is used to paste the labels on beer bottles (so I’ve read). So, I switched to soy in my coffee, but I hate the taste of soy! After soy, I switched to almond milk and so far I haven’t looked back! I think the taste is great and so far I have not read anything bad about almond milk. I have yet to make it at home and I am planning on doing so next week. I think I’ll try the almond milk recipe listed above =) Thank you!

  45. Annie

    Hi, I’m a nursing mom, and just started reading about soy milk (which I drink)…do you think it is harmful for my baby? …I’m guessing it does pass thru to my milk? Maybe I should switch…

  46. Lily

    Oh god, I just bought a litre of Soy and Rice Milk. Both of them are said to be not genetically modified but I feel uneasy as I drink Rice Milk now… Is it okay if I drink the rest of it?

  47. Stephanie

    You definately do not want to use the same water that the almonds were soaking in to make the almond milk. Nuts contain naturally occurring enzyme inhibitors. This means that our bodies have a tough time digesting them. all nuts should be soaked before consumption. The exception is cashews which are most often precooked to remove the toxic residue. Anyway, when I make almond milk (or any other nut milk for that matter), I soak my nuts for at least 12 hours with 2 tsp Real Salt. I rinse them very very thoroughly to remove any and all soaking liquid. Then I use filtered water (usually 4 cups water to 1 cup nuts) and blend with 1 tblsp honey or agave nectar. The almond milk that I make lasts about a week in the fridge. For regular nuts that I want to keep just for eating out of my hand, I soak them overnight and then dry them out on a cookie sheet set to the lowest possible setting my oven will go on for about 12 hours. I don’t keep the oven on the while time otherwise they burn. One hour on 3 hours off, etc. They taste so much better. Make sure and keep your nuts refrigerated because they go rancid really quickly.

  48. mike

    I used to use soy milk for my cereal and coffee, but after reading many bad articles about it switched to almond milk for the last six months. But it is expensive relative to soy milk. Last week I went back to soy milk and really got a shock how bad it tastes compared to the almond milk. It’s like drinking from a plant.

    I don’t have a blender but have a food processor that I bought hoping to make homemade peanut butter which I eat almost a jar of every day. That didn’t work out with the peanut butter, but maybe I could make the almond milk in the processor and save money.

  49. mike

    I checked out the prices for the almonds. You save little money making it compared to buying it from the store. Too bad. The almonds cost ~$5-$6 per pound plus shipping which say comes out to $6 per pound. That’s $3 per quart of home made almond milk compared to a little over $3 store bought. If I could save 50% it would be worth the effort, but not 10%. If you factor in the time spent making it you lose money.

  50. Kelly

    I tuned into a talk show today. The portion I heard was about “replacement foods”. I heard the almond milk was good for replacing real milk, but i did not hear the food replacement for eggs. Who knows what it is?

  51. Rob - Former Fat Guy

    @Mike (#49) in regards to almonds and almond prices, you get what you pay for. Almonds are one of the best things you could ever eat. Loaded with nutrition and high in vibrational energy. Almonds rock. I would pay almost anything for them as they provide my body with many nutrients I wouldnt necessarily get otherwise.

    Almonds are also a convenient snack to carry with you.

    The price difference between making your own almond milk is not a factor. They’re completly different products. Once is manufactured, one is created with love by your own hand. One has very little almond content (but rather a milk substitute), where the other is blended almonds with a pitted dates or agave.

    Just a word to the wise as well, in the US, Almonds are required to be pasteurized as of the fall of 2008, so there are no true raw almonds in the US any more.

    Here in Canada, we’ve now imported our almonds from Europe since the USDA required the almonds growers to pasteurize. Pasteurization kills – that’s what it does.

  52. Rose

    Please do not use soy milk
    My 5 year old loves soy milk but after taking it for almost a year he was showing all the symptom’s of ADHD
    He did not like the almond milk so he is getting mix of cow and goat milk and he is back to being a normal healthy boy

  53. Barbara

    Can someone recommend a source for raw, organic, unpasteurized almonds?

  54. anon

    Kelly–a sub for eggs is 1TBS flaxseed mill to 3 TBS water boiled and simmered a recipe would be on a box of flax seed mill or you can grind your own flax in a coffee grinder and look up a recipe online..sometimes its something you learn from trial and error

    as far as almond milk, its the best thing Ive ever had. I’ve recently discovered that dairy is the source of my stubborn acne and started off substituting soy until i found out about almond milk–its the closest to cows milk yet. soy milk is thick and gritty to me, which while i love that consistency, it doesnt compare to that of cows milk. I have noticed that Blue Diamond Almond milk is closer in consistency to cow’s milk than Pacific, but I get the feeling that Pacific is a more trust worthy company.

  55. Margie

    that’s a lot of info here. thanks for all your generous sharing.

    any advice regarding goat milk (1. powerdered form 2. fresh but pasteurised form) and tofu (labelled as non genetically modified) ?

    i read that tempeh is a good, safe traditional alternative to tofu.

  56. Caroline

    Fascinating reading – thank you to all for your input. As a child I loved milk but I always found then when I drank too much I would get the flu. I have never enjoyed the flavor of soy milk and thus avoided it – I discovered Almond milk a few years ago and absolutely love it. I now have a 6 month old (breastfeeding only) and even if I have 1/2 a cup of milk she gets congested! So I am happy to read that my instinct to switch to almond milk was a good one.

  57. Erika

    Can anyone explain why almond milk has a low protein content when almonds are so high in protein? According to what someone else wrote, almond milk has 20% of your daily protein compared to 30% in cow’s milk. Is there a brand out there I don’t know about? On the labels I’ve read, it seems cow’s milk has 8g protein per serving compared to 1g in Blue Diamond sweetened or unsweeetened almond milk. If I make my own, will it have more protein? And if so, why?

    The reason I’m concerned with the protein is I have a 15 month old daughter who will be starting to wean from breastmilk. I don’t want to use cow’s milk because I don’t think our bodies properly digest it because it comes from another animal and we’re not really meant to drink it. I don’t want to use soy milk because of the estrogen issues. I’m not sure rice milk has the nutrients she needs. I would like to use almond milk, but was thrown by the lack of protein. She will drink water with a meal or to quench thirst from activity, but she still likes a bottle during the day, and that’s the only one I’m looking to replace right now. Any suggestions?

    I may have one tip to offer. I have a vegan friend who sweetens her daughter’s almond milk with Xylitol. Don’t know how anyone feels about that, but it could be useful to those with kids.

  58. Erika

    As if my post wasn’t long enough, I have one more comment/question.

    That is on allergens and starting a nut product at 15-16 months. Thoughts??

  59. ryan

    I would suspect it’s because commercial almond milk is heavily watered down (otherwise it could get really, really expensive).

    Most of the non-dairy milks are pretty well fortified (soy, rice, hemp, etc.) and before dismissing soy because of “the estrogen issue,” I encourage you to read a little more about it (especially to counteract the stuff you’ve surely come across from dairy interests and the anti-soy brigade aka Weston Price).

    We’ve fed our daughter a variety of non-dairy milks so that she develops a taste for the different flavors. It’s worked well so far and we’ve been satisified with the nutrition they provide vs. cow’s milk (though we use almond milk the least of all of them for the reasons you’ve outlined).

  60. Diana

    I love almond milk. Please don’t be afraid to try regular almond milk, it’s sweet enough as is! The vanilla and chocolate flavors are just added ingredients and unneeded. Besides, we shouldn’t be training our children to only drink things if they are sweetened. If it makes you feel any better, I used to only drink plain soy milk in my cereal, I couldn’t drink it straight. But I can gulp almond milk right down, it’s delicious (and sweet, I swear!)

  61. Sam

    For the person who was wondering if you can get almond milk at Walmart, yes you can I just bought some.

  62. angry guy

    dont shop at walmart! walmart, monsantos are part of the corporate elite that is responsible for the gmo problem and all the rediculous laws that make it almost impossible to live a healthy life. they destroyed the local farmers who do things right and replaced them with science! gmos are bogus. they are now working on destroying the fishermen and their famillies right now. walmart is the main money source to NOAA the agency that is actively working on destroyng the fish industry. walmart wants to take over the fish industry and if that happens you will only be able to get GMO FISH!!! like the farm raised salmon, the nuetrients will be gone. no more omega fat benefits. never stop educating yourself!

  63. ryan

    Dear future visitors: please don’t talk about eating fish on a vegan blog. It’s like walking into a mosque and talking about Jesus.

  64. JIm

    I bought the vanilla almond milk and it was so sweet I could not drink it. I usually drink soy vanilla and tried the almond vanilla and it was unbearable. Almond vanilla milk contains 15 grams of sugar per serving versus soy vanilla at 7 grams.

    I say that unless like you drinking liquid sugar then stay away from the almond vanilla milk from Blue Diamond

  65. Amy

    A reply to Barbara seeking unpasteurized almonds. You should be able to get them through the One Lucky Duck website, which is a source for supplies for those who strive to eat ‘raw’.

    I did just buy the unsweetened almond milk from my local grocery store, but then read the label when I got home and will not be purchasing it again, due to the soy in it as well. It was unsweetened original and it is very good. But I will be purchasing supplies to make my own in the future. I too am very discouraged by all the additives in all the food products available. I hear some companies are stopping the use of soy and corn products and by products in their food products due to the demand of the public.

  66. Carrie

    After my daughter stopped formula, I tried to switch her to Organic Whole Milk,and her behavior was like night and day. She would be all irritable and super needy. I had heard bad things about soy, so I did not even try it. So I tried the Almond milk… She has no issues with it at all. I use the “Silk” brand Almond milk in Vanilla or Original. They sell it everywhere from Whole Foods to Walmart. I also use the diamkond brand if Silk is not availiable. It is by far the best product you can give your child from the choices out there. COW? no way! SOY? no way! Almond? yes! It works and has more calcium and just as much Vit D as reg milk.

  67. Jamie

    My local store started carrying Silk Almond Milk. Even though we make our own, I decided to try some. Very good. I also noticed that it stated that Silk used non GMO almonds for their milk.

  68. Oliver Twister

    Wow ryan really? Your asking people not to talk about fish? What an idiot. So far no one has tried to convert your veganism to being a fish eater. I do believe other “religions” are talked about in opposite religion meeting areas.
    Get over yourself.

    Back to topic: Almond Milk?… Yes amazing. Such a smooth nut drink. Big fan.
    My story: I developed irritable bowels 2 years ago. After many unsuccessful doctor and natural visits and being diagnosed with “a sensitive spirit” I for the most part healed myself of ongoing symptoms by eliminating many disruptive foods from my diet: soy, dairy, eggs, gluten among others…

    And I have had a wonderful time exploring all the different nut drinks out there to satisfy my human bodies cravings. Almonds are super. I encourage everyone to make some at home: easy, fun, tasty, brilliant.

  69. Nick

    Latest ingredients in Almond Breeze use Sunflower Lecithin instead of Soy Lecithin.

  70. Adelvise

    Thanks for all the comments! I am too looking for something to give my baby now that I am no longer breastfeeding him. He HATES cow milk, so I started searching for something else to try. I will try almond milk for sure now. I am going to make my own. :)

    Thanks for all the info.

  71. susan dmello

    where can I get almond milk in India

  72. susan dmello

    I have used blue diamond breeze which I bought from the US. My son is on a gluten,dairy & sugar free diet. Have found almond breeze good but can’t always get it from the US, need to find some source in Indai

  73. claudia

    eat 1/4 cup of almonds with your glass of milk…healthy benefits, including 7 g of protein!

  74. claudia

    eat 1/4 cup of almonds with your glass of milk…great benefits, including 7 g of protein

  75. Fluffysmomtoo

    Trader Joes Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk is by far the best brand–I’ve tried Blue Diamond and Almond Breeze…It has a creamier texture and better taste and only 40 calories.

    For the record, I too avoid soy for hormone and autoimmune issues…

  76. Karhh

    Thanks! I just bought Silk Almond Milk to try in my breakfast smoothie. Have been using soy for a I thought it was a good milk substitute..wrong!
    IMPORTANT NOTE: It says right on the Almond Milk carton: “Not to be used as infant formula”. Guess the mothers of infants should talk to their physicians before a change.

  77. Patricia

    So what are you really saying about soy milk? Do you like the almond milk? Have you ever tried hemp milk? I have never tried any of them & would like some input. Also, do they sell any of these in a dry form. I have started following Dr. Furhman’s way of living & am trying to expand my eating choices. Thank you!!

  78. Patricia

    So what are you really saying about soy milk? Do you like the almond milk? Have you ever tried hemp milk? I have never tried any of them & would like some input. Also, do they sell any of these in a dry form. I have started following Dr. Furhman’s way of living & am trying to expand my eating choices. Thank you!!

  79. Terese

    I’m unclear. While I enjoy Organic Almond Milk most of the time. I’m wondering if I should avoid it when I’m getting over a cold and am prone to extra mucus formation.

  80. trish

    Does anyone here know of anyone with a protein deficiency?

  81. Lindsey

    I have been giving my now two and a half year old daughter almond milk since about 14 months. Found out that the cow’s milk formula was a cause of her chronic constipation since birth, and now whole cows milk will cause her to violently vomit until it is all out of her system. When she was an infant she was always crying and wailing, and we never understood it, but looking back I think it was because her digestive system was in disarray from the cow’s milk based formula.

    The major difference I have noticed between her and other toddlers her age is her brain function. She has been speaking in full, clear sentences since 18 months. She could sing 4-5 songs [ABC’s, Twinkle Twinkle, etc] since 18 months as well. Talking to her now is a full on conversation of back and forth, she just picks up everything.

    I wonder if I can attribute this to her almond milk, if it has the Omega 3’s and fatty acids that helped her brain to develop at a better rate than those that did not have it.

    Maybe I’m jumping in too deep with this almond milk thing, but there is a marked difference between my daughter and most others of her age that I’ve met. Besides the fact that I’m home with her everyday, I see no other major differences that might add to this.

  82. Martha

    ….my head is spinning….to soy or not to soy? Hey if it produces estrogen yeaaaaaa…us old farts that have gone through the pause can use some! Maybe everyone worries a littttle too much??? Put down the cigs, alcohol, and prescription drugs you’ll feel better.

  83. CJ

    Try the Engine 2 Almond Milk sold at Whole Foods. They have vanilla and plain but they add no extra sugar to either. There are no oils and it has sunflower lecithin instead of soy. I really enjoy it. I really can’t stand other brands I’ve tried-they’re too thick.

    Engine 2 is vegan friendly and makes some great hummus and salsa.

    PS. I don’t work for the company, lol. Just happy I found a healthy, tasty vegan-friendly line finally.

  84. Joe

    Should a healthy (no-fat-added) almond milk have lecithin? Isn’t lecithin basically 100% fat? Also see

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