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Regina’s Vegetarian Table, as many of you will remember, is one of the few shows I anxiously await each week (though it seems to be off of its normal schedule right now). Right now, Regina has a good article on her web site supporting organic dairy products.

It makes me really happy when I’m in Giant and see what I consider to be an “average American” reach for the organic milk even though it costs a little more rather than the store brand. It’s not just about health (connections have been made between the use of bovine growth hormones and early puberty in children), but about the choice to support sustainable agriculture and farmers that treat their dairy cows humanely.

And it’s easy to find. In Giant, they carry two different brands of organic milk. For a half-gallon, one costs about $3.50 and the other about $2.95. Hopefully more varieties of organic cheeses will become available soon.

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  1. angularV

    RE: Early puberty in children:

    Thank you. THANK you. THANK YOU.

    There are 11-year-old boys in this town with tits the size of watermelons and their refrigerator-sized family continues to eat at The Trough Drive-Thru daily.

    I quit eating meat 2 years ago because it made no sense to put an animal through hell just so I could have an entree. What ensued was a cultural firestorm, and it was not I who made it an “us VS them” situation; it was meateaters noticing I wasn’t eating meat.

    THANK YOU for your wonderful blog.

    And I’m going to try the Almond Breeze.

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