Saffron Rice


Last night I tried out a recipe for Saffron Rice from Moosewood Cooks at Home. I think this one is bound to be a new favorite.

You start with Saffron, the world’s most expensive herb (it can run $36/oz., though mine cost $8/.1 oz.). You crumble a pinch of it in a small bowl and add three tablespoons of boiling water. While that sits for a few minutes, you boil orzo in three quarts of water until it’s tender (about 8 minutes). You then drain the orzo and mix it with a half cup of parmesan cheese (I used the soy-based parmesan substitute and it worked well) and the Saffron water. Top it with a little salt and freshly grated pepper and you’re good.

It’s a super simple meal, and I liked trying out this new ingredient. I have a feeling this is one recipe that has a lot of potential for experimentation.

Here’s a picture of the end result.