Vegetarian wedding fare


Vegetarian wedding fare pro and con

Since I’m in the midst of wedding planning right now with my non-vegetarian fiancee, this clip from Ann Landers was interesting.

My take on the subject: if the bride and groom choose to serve a vegetarian meal at their wedding, they have the full right to do so. While taking your guests’ preferences into account is important, there are plenty of ways to satisfy guests’ appetites with non-meat meals. In our case, we compromised: we’re having a couple of chicken/fish dishes but will also have a good vegetarian option. We’ve also spoken with the cook and she’s willing to make a couple of the vegetarian meals vegan by leaving out the dairy and eggs.

The most interesting quote, I found, was this: “Many meat-eaters see vegetarianism as a moral judgment on their own dietary choices.” And I think that’s true… but if somebody else serving you a vegetarian meal makes you feel like you’re being judged, then doesn’t that indicate that you’re not comfortable enough with your own dietary decisions?

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  1. Carrie

    That’s awesome. I’m toying with my wedding (not getting married for a few years) and I’m a vegetarain, my husband to be is not. We live in Texas (Steak, anyone?) where my ideas and ideals are not always on the same wavelenth as everyone else. By all means, if you’re paying to feed a herd at your reception, they have absolutley no right to be upset that the free meal they are receiving isn’t what they want/expect.

    You’re inviting them to your wedding, feeding them for free, and providing them an excuse to get dressed up and have fun. They should be grateful.

  2. anon

    love this post. not only are you feeding them for free, you are giving them free booze. now they really need to be quiet. meat eaters always eat all the vegetarian food and then complain. ever see a vegetarian eat all the steak and then complain? we just find some vegetarian food and make due.

    the line about insecurity about their dietary choice is so true. Carol Adams (wrote The Sexual Politics of Meat) talks about this really well. Tell someone who is insecure about their meat diet that you are a vegetarian and the right away attack everything about you. “Do you wear leather?” is usally the first question.

    Stay strong veggies!

  3. Tiffani

    I have been a vegetarian for 6 years. Do you know how many weddings I have been to where they didn’t even consider me in their food choices?! One of my best friends got married last year, I’ve known her since 5th grade. I threw her a bachlorette party and everything. Well anyway, I get to the wedding and all they had for me was mashed patatoes! They didn’t consider me in their menu choice at all! They had chicken and ribs for everyone else. And you know what they said to me at the wedding… they said “Wasn’t the food great?!” I just smiled and looked away… Well my point is that after all the weddings that I have been to where they did not consider me in the slightest, I am definately having a vegetarian wedding and I don’t care what anyone says! Because when you get married your day is all about you and your husband!

    Rock on vegetarians!

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