Curried chickpeas, micro-kale, and hummus


I’m happy to report that the Curry Chickpea recipe from Simply Vegan worked out well. Nice and easy and it managed to fulfill another requirement: it made my house smell good. :) When I’ve been cooking garlic or curry, the smell in the house is almost as good as the food. In any event, the curried chickpeas tasted good over some plain white rice and there’s enough left for lunch tomorrow.

On a lesser note, I made micro-kale (a side dish from Lorna Sass’ book—basically tender kale topped with olive oil and freshly-squeezed lemon juice)… the result was just too much: too much kale, too much lemon juice… but it was edible, just probably not worth making again.

While at the store, I also picked up some scallion hummus… I’m on a definite pita-with-hummus kick as of late and I have two cucumbers to eat before they go bad.

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